MN House passes final cannabis legalization bill (Newsletter: May 19, 2023)

The New Hampshire Senate has set aside another House-passed marijuana legalization bill, as the governor predicts that a separate plan to create a state-run cannabis market that he now supports will likely be considered by lawmakers “next year.”

Meanwhile, however, House lawmakers are now discussing pursuing compromise legislation next week that could be attached to an unrelated Senate bill that would provide for a combination of state-operated and privately licensed cannabis shops while also allowing current medical cannabis dispensaries to serve the adult-use market.

It’s not clear if the Senate would go along with the alternative proposal, which is slated for House committee consideration in the coming days—but senators on Thursday tabled the separate non-commercial legalization measure from Kevin Verville (R) in a 24-0 vote. The chamber also set aside a separate bill to allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own plants, voting 16-8 to table that measure as well.

Tabling a bill doesn’t mean the measures are dead. Senators are able to take them back up if they wish, but if they don’t act by the end of the session, at that point the legislation will be defeated.

These latest votes come one week after

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