CBD Daily Dog Wellness Plan. Boro Hemp CBD Dog Treats. Give Your Dog Some Love!

CBD Daily Dog Wellness Plan. Watch the Groovy Hemp Company on Boro Hemp CBD Dog Treats, 10mg per Treat. Learn even more, https://tinyurl.com/5amv8pjv.

These CBD Treats are formulated for canines. Could help dogs maintain a sense of calm when in stressful situations (e.g., thunderstorms). Could also provide support for their active hips and joints. An important part of a CBD Dog Health program.

These Dog CBD Calming Chews include organic and all-natural ingredients that are non-GMO and have no Palm Oil. Treats are provided in two amounts; a 15 count bag or a 30 count bag. 10 mg of CBD in each treat. Full-spectrum CBD, less than 0.3% THC. This product has been tested by an independent lab. Results are available for download on the product page

At https://groovyhempcompany.com we provide the best in Organic Pet CBD products including Edibles, Tinctures, and Topicals including Full-spectrum and THC-Free.

We currently feature the following brands; Made By Hemp, Tasty Hemp Oil, Boro Hemp, Highland Pharms, and Dusty Prairie.

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Boro Hemp’s CBD Dog Treats, 10mg per Treat can be part of your pet’s overall daily Wellness Plan. Groovy Hemp Company is your CBD Online Marketplace, You can find this Pet Edible at https://tinyurl.com/5amv8pjv. Order Today!


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