Is Your Business in Oklahoma? Stay Compliant with Child-Resistant Packaging

The Wild West has long been a land of innovation, economic growth, and change, but with the recent introduction of legal cannabis, the outlaw spirit of the West has been married with a new American attitude. As work is done to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis use, our industry continues to make progress throughout the country, adapting laws and regulations so we can ensure cannabis is handled responsibly amongst users. 


For many medical cannabis companies, Oklahoma has made entry into the market easily obtainable due to low license fees, no license caps, and inexpensive labor and land costs. However, medical cannabis companies in Oklahoma face a new set of regulations that are the result of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, also known as the “Unity Bill.” The new regulations are meant to be a necessary step in reducing illegal activity and bringing in standard industry practices. 


Of several changes going into effect August 29th, cannabis package labels will need to include a universal symbol for THC, the THC content, and a statement that the product has been tested for contaminants. The package must be child-resistant. It can’t have cartoon characters on the label, and it can’t make any claims for health or physical benefits.


At CRATIV®, we serve as champions for cannabis and renewable packaging solutions. Our eco-friendly, certified child-resistant packaging options both ensure you’re compliant while offering you the space to create your own custom labeling.


If you’re interested in exploring our packaging solutions, contact sales and marketing directly by emailing or calling 720.651.9384.

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