Is Minnesota on deck for legalization? Florida AG blocks ballot?

On Weed Talk News with Alaina Pinto this week, the state of Minnesota has agreed on legalization in their house, and senate, and their governor Tim Walz wants to sign it, so what’s the holdup? Florida politics is dealing with a cannabis legalization ballot question, and the Attorney General there wants to block it even though signatures are close to putting it on the ballot. If you are going to have an illegal cannabis storefront, maybe you shouldn’t put.your location in the same neighborhood as the Mayor Eric Adams? All that plus the latest from Washington DC and what agency ultimately will be in charge of hemp and cannabis oversight and regulations. Coast to Coast coverage of the fight to end cannabis prohibition on Weed Talk News with Alaina Pinto on Pro Cannabis Media

Rick Thompson in Michigan
Brandon Jones in Missouri
Karen Black in Arizona
Pam Chmiel in New York
Andrew Behringer in DC and Maryland
Jill Goldsberry in NJ
Marianne Cursetgee in Oregon
Matthew Friedlander in Washington State
Jessilyn Dolan in Vermont
Stephen Ivanoski in Maine
Jimmy Young in Massachusetts
Dabi Facey in Canada
Doug Miller on Cannabis Stocks
Maya Krystofowicz in PA


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