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Today’s was an Introduction to from Hemp Hop Cannabis Sativa L Delivery & Dispensary – CBD, CBDA, Delta 8, CBN, CBG
227 Old Hebron Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273 East Coast

All flower is organically or hydroponically grown. We cultivate indoors and partner with several farms all over the country from supporting small family farms to bigger operations capable of funding cutting edge technology. Many of our farms implement unique farming methods such as KNF (Korean Natural Farming) and most of our flower is indoor or greenhouse. We are very proud to be able carry such a diverse selection of flower for our customers.

Hemp Hop Cannabis Delivery & Dispensary – CBD, HHC, Delta 8, CBN, CBG
227 Old Hebron Rd, Charlotte, NC 28273

Hemp Hop is a fast growing hemp company. We have a big mission: after witnessing the beneficial effects of hemp products with a family member, we knew these benefits should be available to every family. We are a same day delivery service in select locations and we wholesale nationwide. We LOVE what we do!!!

Our first commitment is to people – we choose people over profit. We ensure you’re receiving the highest quality products available at an affordable price, as quickly as possible. We want to enable you to be educated on what you and your pets are consuming.

Perhaps best of all, we help you skip the trip and bring the store straight to you. Convenience, privacy, and customer service are our top priorities. We look forward to getting the highest quality hemp products straight to your door via same day local delivery or priority shipping!

Hemp Hop Hydroponically Grown Products

So let’s look at some of our strains for example. The Wedding Cake’s original genotype is Lifter, with it’s Phenotype being Wedding Cake based off of a recognizable terpene profile and cannabinoid content of high CBG.

To demonstrate the vast differences between phenotypes, the phenotype Blue Dream is also genetically a Lifter. However, it has a completely different terpene profile, cannabinoid profile and bud structure. In the case of the Blueberry Pie, Amnesia Haze, & Chemdawg, those are the actual Genotypes.

Those were high thc strains bred with a cbd mother. Because these Genotypes are new, they experience a lot of difficulty, instability, and risk when growing them until they are bred enough to stabilize. For instance, only 15% of Blueberry Pie goes towards packaged flower, the rest are filtered towards “smalls” because the majority of buds from that genotype are absolutely tiny.

Genotypes and phenotypes play an important role in the nomenclature of cannabis plants. This can be some complicated stuff and we at hemp hop are excited to be able to educate people on what they are consuming. That being said, should you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help!

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