Outdoor Grows Will Uproot The Cannabis Industry

Amazon, JP Morgan, and others companies are insisting you come back to the office.  Your neighbors are throwing a backyard bbq and have invited everyone, Aunt Mary Martha is having all the family over for Sunday lunch – everyone is getting back together and you just want to chill.  Here are some tips to manage the return to medium and big events which causes anxiety for some people.

An estimated 12.1% of U.S. adults experience social anxiety disorder at some time in their lives and need help managing being with a group of others. Many people report using marijuana to cope. In a study by the University of Washington, THC appears to decrease anxiety at lower doses and increase anxiety at higher doses. CBD appears to decrease anxiety at all doses that have been tested.

In addition, according to another study, more than one-third of software programmers say they’ve used marijuana while working, with many finding that it helps promote creativity and get them into the “programming zone,” according to a new study.

So how do you do it?

Find the right time and avoid the smell

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While social actives are full engagement, there are always small pockets of space where you can have some alone time. Recognize you can’t hide the smell, one you whip out a pre-roll, people know, so think of other strategies.

While social actives are full engagement, there are always small pockets of space where you can have some alone time.Take advantage of these, a bathroom break, a quick step outside, pre-arrival when in the car, or even a quick errand to a quiet place.

Buy a vape pen

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The best thing you can do for discreet smoking is to purchase a vape pen. This item is not only useful by simplifying the smoking process, allowing you to get high without releasing weedy odors and you don’t have to to pack a bowl, roll a joint, etc. If you want to be super safe, test the pen with a sober friend, who can let you know if the cartridge is doing the job or if you need to purchase something that has a lighter smell.  Moderation is the key.

Get high outside

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Getting high outside is the smartest and easiest thing to do, but it’s also important to be mindful of others and to obey the laws of your state. While this isn’t a full-time solution, adding weed to a lunchtime work and times of escape can be a healthy way of escaping and getting some much-needed alone time. Keep in mind that you’re gonna have to come back to your place and face the crowd, so don’t get too high and carry some gum and perfume/ cologne.

Buy edibles

marijuana edibles
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Edibles are convenient, eliminating smoke or paraphernalia, which are always pesky things to deal with when spending time with others. They can be consumed around other people without them knowing any better. Just monitor your dosage in case you don’t feel like pretending you’re not high when you very much are.

Practice your poker face

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When using weed around others and especially in the workplace, it’s always important to be discreet. Be mindful of other people’s preferences and make sure that your marijuana use isn’t an inconvenience for anyone. Practice your poker face and relax as best as you can; most of the time, people are too busy to notice if your eyes are a little red and you’re acting a little giggly.

Again, moderation is the key and this is just one tool to help you in groups.

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