🗣️New Edible Review🍃 Reviewing “Magnum Cookies” from Snapdragon Hemp!! I Ate 100mg‼️‼️5/5 Product 🔥💨

Hey Rollie$ today I finally uploaded my review on these cookies 😅 These cookies are some of the best cannabis infused edibles I have ever had and I honestly should of only ate one 50mg cookie BUT I wanted to see if these packed power and oh boy they did to the point it took me a few days to even finish the review 😂😂 If you consume these BE MINDFUL AND DO NOT PLAN TO LEAVE THE HOUSE, these are complete on couch lock mode. Watch the rest of the review for more information 😎 #rollrelaxrepeat #snapdragonhemp #cbdreviews

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This video is me giving MY opinion on Legal flower/cannabis/CBD or THC products, I do not promote the use/sell of illegal substances. If you are under the age of 21 you gotta Skidoddle!!

CBD hemp Flower is Legal in the United States under the farm bill act.


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