US’ best THC and CBD bath bombs for moms 2023

Matriarchs, mothers, grandmothers, and all the greats: it’s your time. For at least 20 minutes, you’re not going to do the laundry. You’re not going to make anyone any snacks (unless it’s for you, and laced with cannabinoids)—put down that Dyson! You work hard and play harder year round, and we want you to fully submerge yourself in Me Time this weekend. And what better way to do so than with a long, hot, effervescent bath?

No, this isn’t Lush or Bath and Body Works. But over the years and across state lines, cannabis innovators have developed medicated, infused, THC-rich bath bombs for you to get maximum benefit with minimal effort. Literally, all you have to do is lie there for a blissfully silent and steaming half-hour, and the bombs do the rest.

Like other topicals, the cannabinoids, skin-soothing ingredients, and essential oils in bath bombs are absorbed through the skin in a process called percutaneous absorption. They can tackle inflammation in the muscles and joints, skin issues like eczema, and generally soothe the body that helps you get through your day. As the largest organ, our dermal layers have innumerable receptors for shuttling the THC and CBD to where they’re needed most, without the risk of getting you too stoned or showing up on a drug test. 

As a mom myself, this is an easy way to put your foot in the water, so to speak, and have fun.

Nancy Robson, High Desert Pure co-founder, Oregon

Nancy Robson, co-founder and formula developer for Bend, OR-based High Desert Pure, says she once took a bath with four of their bath bombs (that’s 400mg total), and her test results were undetectable. She also has vertigo, and can’t afford to have any amount of THC in her system; “We have moms, grandmas, and great-grandmas who love our products. It will not make you high. As a mom myself, this is an easy way to put your foot in the water, so to speak, and have fun.”

(Courtesy High Desert Pure)
(Courtesy High Desert Pure)

You’re also no stranger to budgeting and balancing the ol’ bank account. Fear not! These bombs will not blast a hole in your wallet; while taxes vary state to state and county to county, you can expect to pay around $20 for an individual bath bomb, though some can be as low as $15 and as high as $35 if they come in a set. 

So run that hot water, light some candles, put on some Fleetwood Mac, and lock the door because these bath bombs are for you and you alone. 

California’s best THC and CBD bath bombs

om himalayan kush bath bomb photo by david downs leafly
California pushes topicals forward with award-winning rosin bath bombs. (David Downs/Leafly)

When I saw OM’s bath bombs, a women-owned and -led company focused on wellness with over 40 cannabis awards, I knew they came to win. These babies fully lean into the cannabis infusion with a cute embossed leaf, and unique formula. Founder Maya Elisabeth has always considered cannabis a superfood, and her products have stayed close to the plant and all its properties for over a decade.

“Besides inhalation, which I do every day all day, my favorite form of consumption is cannabis hydrotherapy. It’s got all the benefits of a traditional topical, but so much more: wonderful for sleep, dermatological things from eczema and psoriasis to skincare, wrinkle care, and even hair care,” she says.

What I’m trying to say is these babies are made with rosin, arguably the best form of cannabis extract which with make any product, from gummies to dabs to, now, bath bombs. And that’s not all. These babies also have something I’ve yet to see elsewhere: CBN. Mama, consider yourself knocked out for the night.

(Courtesy Kush Queen)

As a budtender in the Bay Area, Kush Queen was the first medicated bath bomb I ever came across, and it felt like CEO and founder Olivia Alexander had looked into my brain to create them.

“The way I approach this wellness perspective is with intention,” she says. “That’s part of what Kush Queen does: We give people intentional ways to use cannabis when everyone out there is like, get high. Getting high is great; it’s just not where the bulk of women are.”

To meet women in their comfort zone, they handmake color-coordinated, fizzy bombs each imbued with an essential oil blend. Aromatherapy adds to the endocannabinoid system effects. There are pink for Love and purple for Sleep. All are made with full-spectrum cannabis oils, for that entourage effect. And now there’s two doses to choose from: a 1:1 THC:CBD of 25mg each, or 50mg each for serious TLC. They also have delta-8 versions available in states that allow it.

Colorado THC bath bomb

(Courtesy Coda)

If these high doses give you pause, don’t worry. Coda Signature, known for its decadent chocolate bars and fruit gummies, makes bath bombs with the same artisanal intentions. Their bath bombs are fairly mild at 15mg each of THC and CBD if you just want to dip your proverbial (and literal) toes in. Their bombs aren’t colored but come with a sprinkling of flower petals and herbs to compliment the scents of Uplift, Balance, and Calm. If you’re feeling brave, nibble on one of their dark chocolate bars (Salt and Nibs anyone?) and throw all three bath bombs in the tub at once for a garden of pacifying delight.

Canada bath bomb

If you’re north of the border, Eve & Co might be your best bet for a rub a dub time. These bombs are stronger than most, at 200mg combined between CBD and THC. They are made with distillate and not all of them follow a 1:1 ratio, like The Lover, which is 140mg THC and 60mg CBD. They’re also extremely colorful; I personally want to feel like a mermaid in a turquoise lagoon, don’t you? Each has an essential oil blend to complement the cannabinoids and hues that not only add aromatherapy but also a physical tingle, including cinnamon and peppermint oils.

Washington THC bath bomb

You will never be sleepless in Seattle again; in fact, you may just find “Nirvana.” Honu Naturals specialize in topicals and bath products, and their bath bombs are no exception. These potent puppies are all 100mg of THC, so while they may not meet your CBD needs, your lactic acid buildup will thank you. Scents are floral and sourced from essential oils, including Lavender and Hibiscus, inspired by, like the rest of the brand, a leisurely Hawaiian afternoon.

Oklahoma THC bath bombs

This topical-focused brand was founded by a former pediatric nurse and mother who has a “quality over quantity” philosophy. These 788 Collection bath bombs are THC-only with an emphasis on pain relief and clock in at 55mg each. Scents include Tutti Frutti and Vanilla Frosting.

Alright, our fingers are getting all pruney from the hydrotherapy, so it’s time to get out. After a quick nap, we’ll be back on the weed beauty products beat and come back soon with more. Be well—you deserve it.

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