Joey Swoll Talks The Effectiveness Of Weed & Bodybuilding

Joey Swoll talks CBD, marijuana, and how it can be used to supplement bodybuilding.

Joey Swoll’s partnership with the CBD company Ignite started with a friendship between himself and Dan Bilzerian. Dan is a millionaire playboy of sorts in the bodybuilding world who often uses social media to showcase his luxurious lifestyle. With the rapid change in legality for marijuana and CBD, we decided to talk with Joey about the future of bodybuilding with the potential legalization of marijuana products. In our latest GI Exclusive, Joey Swoll discusses the reality of weed and bodybuilding; how it’s used to help supplement training; and how popular it is in the bodybuilding community.

The United States is a very different country today when it comes to marijuana. What was once villainized as a dangerous drug is now being legalized in various states. However slowly, it seems that weed will one day be legal on a federal level in the United States future.

Of course, just because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level doesn’t mean that many people aren’t already partaking in the drug. What has changed is the use of CBD, which is largely being approved for legal sale in many states as a product to help lower anxiety and reduce muscle soreness.

In our latest GI Exclusive interview segment with Joey Swoll – we breakdown his involvement with Dan Bilzarian’s Ignite brand. He also discusses the reality of weed use in bodybuilding. How often is it used? And what kind of purpose to it serve to help enhance the quality of training, pre-workout, and post-workout?

The truth is that many bodybuilders utilize marijuana as a supplement to help with a workout. Whether it be to better focus or feel better through the pain of training – it’s somewhat commonplace in the bodybuilding world.

You can watch Joey Swoll’s full assessment of weed and bodybuilding in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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