How to Make CBD Rosin Dabs At Home

Did you know you can now make CBD rosin at home and purchase CBD hemp flower legally in most states?

It’s as simple as pressing high quality CBD hemp flower, which can be found online. You can dab your CBD rosin, turn it into tinctures or edibles. CBD rosin doesn’t have the same psychoactive affects that typical THC-rich rosin does, making it a great alternative for many.

PurePressure is proud to make industry leading rosin presses for the job, right here in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for the very best equipment to make CBD rosin, look no further than our Helix and Helix Pro presses.

Note: TweedleFarms does not ship to Idaho or South Dakota. Sorry about that folks. The technical language in the Farm Bill states that hemp must be under .3% delta9 THC (not “total” THC).

Product used in this video:

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