Hemp Bombs 5-Year Anniversary | Best CBD Products | Hemp Bombs ®

Hemp Bombs 5-Year Anniversary | Best CBD Products | Hemp Bombs ®

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Founded in 2016, Hemp Bombs® has been dedicated to providing quality CBD products before it was cool.
It all started with a 2-Pack of CBD Capsules and the goal to make CBD’s world of potential more accessible.
This would only be the start of our journey to becoming the world’s leader in manufacturing and distributing the highest-quality CBD and to inspire people to live healthy lifestyles by making CBD products more cost effective and accessible.
In 2017, we introduced what would become three of our best-selling product lines CBD Gummies, CBD Pain Gels and CBD Oils
We also improved our line of CBD Capsules to give you more options and higher concentrations.
And as much as we grew in 2017, it would be nothing compared to the year to come.
In 2018, we introduced a whole new way to vape with our line of premium CBD E-Liquids – forever changing the vape game.
Later in the year, we unveiled unique product selections to give you more ways to incorporate CBD into your daily regimen, including our CBD Sleep Gummies, CBD Tattoo Ointment, CBD Beard Care Products and a pet-friendly CBD line for your furry friends that featured CBD Pet Oils and CBD Dog Chews.
As fun as 2018 was, we started to ask ourselves how we could do better….well, what if we did everything ourselves?
In 2019, we moved into our 100,000-square-foot facility where we now manufacture all our products from seed to sale. With consistent in-house manufacturing, up-to-date compliance guidelines and extensive lab testing, we cemented ourselves as the CBD industry leader in safety and quality.
With our move, we further expanded our product line. CBD Lolly Bombs, CBD Patches, CBD Essential Oil Rollers and CBD Heat Relief Spray were all added to our industry-leading product line.
In 2020, our goal was to give you MORE. So, we revamped customer-favorite product lines (Gummies, Pain Gels, Oils) to give you more CBD, more options and ultimately more value than ever before.
We continued to roll out new products that truly benefit your self-care routine such as our CBD Hand & Body Lotion, and CBD Lip Balm
For 2021, the name of the game is expansion. We’ve introduced new products, like our CBD Immunity Gummies with elderberry extract, our CBD Botanical Gummies featuring a proprietary blend of natural botanicals and our improved Max Chill CBD Shot, now with 100mg of premium CBD and a new Raspberry Dream Flavor. Plus, we expanded our CBD bundle options to make it easier and more affordable to try more of our incredible products.
But we didn’t just expand our product line. 2021 saw the expansion of our gummy production capacity, enabling us to produce millions of gummies every day. We added more varieties of gummies in new and delicious flavors. We grew our team by more than 100 new employees, greatly expanding our in-house capabilities. And our CPG & CBD University Podcast expanded its audience by reaching more than 100,000 downloads.

Today, Hemp Bombs offers over 100 product options available right now.
But our best products are still to come. Trust us, they’ll be worth the wait.

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