EPISODE 8: Texas Cannabis Laws & Laughs with Estella Castro @austinitecanna | Flower Puff Girls

Join Brittany and Dee in this fun-filled and informative episode of Flower Puff Girls as they welcome Estella Castro from Austinite Cannabis Co. and International Music Comedian Aldo Caldo! Dive into the current Texas marijuana laws and learn how they impact the cannabis community, while also enjoying Estella’s insights on women in the industry. Get ready for laughter as Aldo Caldo serenades the ladies and the audience with his unique cannabis-themed musical comedy. And don’t miss the High Q trivia segment – the ultimate trivia game for stoners! Test your cannabis knowledge and have a blast with the Flower Puff Girls!

I. Introduction (0:00-0:05)
A. Welcome listeners and introduce hosts, Brittany and Dee
B. Introduce today’s topics and special guests, Estella Castro from Austinite Cannabis Co. and Aldo Caldo, International Music Comedian

II. Current Texas Marijuana Laws (0:05-0:20)
A. Overview of the current state of cannabis laws in Texas
B. Recent developments or changes in legislation
C. The impact of these laws on the cannabis community and consumers
D. Estella’s perspective on Texas marijuana laws and how they affect Austinite Cannabis Co.

III. Interview with Estella Castro (0:20-0:50)
A. Estella’s journey and the founding of Austinite Cannabis Co.
B. Challenges and opportunities for women in the cannabis industry
C. Austinite Cannabis Co.’s mission, vision, and unique offerings
D. Advocacy and education efforts in the Texas cannabis community
E. Advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry

IV. Listener Questions and Engagement (0:50-1:10)
A. Respond to questions from the live audience or pre-submitted queries
B. Encourage audience engagement by discussing relevant topics and experiences

V. High Q Trivia Game (1:10-1:25)
A. Introduce the High Q trivia game for stoners
B. Explain the rules and encourage audience participation
C. Brittany, Dee, and Estella compete in a friendly battle of cannabis knowledge
D. Share interesting facts and information about cannabis throughout the game

VI. Musical Interlude with Aldo Caldo (1:25-1:40)
A. Introduce Aldo Caldo and his musical comedy style
B. Aldo performs a cannabis-themed song or improvises based on audience suggestions
C. Engage in a light-hearted conversation about Aldo’s experiences with cannabis, music, and comedy

VII. Cannabis and Entertainment (1:40-1:55)
A. Discuss the intersection of cannabis and various forms of entertainment, including music, comedy, and movies
B. Share personal experiences or stories related to cannabis and entertainment
C. Explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of incorporating cannabis into creative pursuits

VIII. Conclusion and Farewell (1:55-2:00)
A. Summarize key points from the episode
B. Thank Estella Castro and Aldo Caldo for their participation
C. Provide information on the next episode’s topics and guests
D. Encourage listeners to engage with the Flower Puff Girls podcast on social media and YouTube


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