New research confirms plant-killing black root rot in marijuana facility

The fungus that causes the plant disease black root rot has spread to cannabis plants beyond hemp, warns new research that identified the pathogen in a licensed commercial cultivation facility in British Columbia, Canada.

Black root rot can be fatal to cannabis plants, said Chris Dumigan, a Ph.D. candidate in biology at the University of British Columbia Okanagan who specializes in cannabis and is lead author of the new research in the academic journal Plant Disease.


“It’s growing on and inside your root tissue and then it’s causing the roots to die, and the plant will eventually die as a consequence of that,” Dumigan told MJBizDaily.

The affected marijuana facility in Cranbrook, B.C., “had to throw out a whole bunch of equipment, they had to get rid of a bunch of plants, because they had a fungus that was growing and taking hold of their facility,”

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