Cannabis Infused MCT Oil Tincture FOR HIGH THC EDIBLES


***NOTE: This tincture oil is meant to be consumed not smoked. Always store your edibles in a secure, dark & cool location away from children. The potency of the finished product can vary greatly depending on many different factors, so always start low and go slow.***

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Today I show you how I made my own DIY cannabis infused MCT oil tincture. This particular batch of infused MCT tincture is very potent and high in THC content. Because our cannabis has not been tested we cannot give an accurate measure of the exact strength/ potency of the finished product. That being said there are 38 grams of cannabis flower and 3 grams of keif infused into less than 473 ml of MCT oil.

Before consuming cannabis it is highly recommended to decarb (decarboxylation) your bud or concentrate. This process uses a low amount of heat to convert THC-A into usable THC that is essential to ensuring your edibles are effective and provide maximum uptake. It is important not to use too much heat as you do not want to cause the THC to be cooked off. Generally speaking temperatures between 220-240f are recommended and the process takes about an hour.

There’s a few different ways to decarb or activate THC / CBD in your bud or other cannabis products. I used the mason jar method where I added my cannabis into a jar loosely broken up and placed in the oven on a silicone mat with the lid secured. This ensured we didn’t lose as many valuable terpenes from our flower. Every 15 minutes for a 60-minute timeframe I carefully removed the jar and shook up the contents. A half-hour in I opened the jar, briefly “burping” it. Once the decarboxylation process is done your weed is ready to be consumed or infused.

For maximum effectiveness, cannabis metabolizes best when paired with a fat. Some use butter, coconut oil, heavy cream, etc. We chose to use MCT oil as it has many of the health benefits of coconut oil but does not solidify at cooler temperatures, It is common practice in the legal cannabis industry as the top choice of infusion method,

Once decarbed I ensured the weed was busted up fairly fine. I then added enough MCT oil to the mason jar to completely cover and soak into the bud. For the next 8-12 hours, you place the jar in a warm water bath in a crockpot or slow cooker making sure at no time does it come to a boil and is mixed occasionally.

After the cannabis has finished it’s warm water bath, allow to sit until cool enough to handle safely, Then strain out plant matter and compress bud to recover as much weed oil as possible. I used a fine mesh strainer, lined with cheesecloth. I then filtered the oil again through an ultra-fine reusable coffee filter ensuring there were no particulates left in the tincture.

The edible cannabis oil is now ready to be consumed and turned into your favourite cannabis edible. It can be put into capsules, taken by mouth (orally) with a syringe, baked into treats, made into gummies and countless other possibilities.


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