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Happy May, Zodiac friends! As we bask in the warmth and beauty of spring, flowers bloom, the clouds part, and the stars align to bring us new opportunities and insights. Let us guide you on a journey of self-discovery and growth as we explore the astrological energy of this magical month. 

Our favorite strains help us find balance, ease our anxieties, and spark our creativity, and this month offers no shortage of chances to better ourselves. So let’s embrace the Taurus energy of May and use our trusty buds to bring out our best qualities and get us through the challenges that will inevitably come our way. Join us as we explore the Zodiac influences of this exciting time, and discover how you can harness the power of the cosmos—and Leafly’s database—to reach new heights in your life.

Your May horoscope


Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word "Taurus"
(Savina Monet)

Happy birthday, Taurus! As the first earth sign and first fixed sign in the Zodiac, Taurus is one of the most dependable, grounded, and witty signs in the Zodiac. We challenge you to find a Taurus that doesn’t appreciate clever word play. 

With Mercury in your third house of communication, your wit and charm will be on point. This is the perfect time to network and connect with new people, but make sure to stay on top of your bull-headedness. Remember, diplomacy is key when it comes to expanding your horizons.

On May 14, a new moon in your second house of finances may have you feeling extra motivated to boost your bank account. This is a great time to invest in yourself and your future, perhaps through a new business venture or taking on extra freelance work. Don’t forget to treat yourself along the way. After all, what good is all that money if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? Indulge in a little retail therapy or splurge on a fancy dinner. You deserve it, Taurus!

May strain: As a grounded and practical earth sign, you appreciate the calming and grounding effects of cannabis, making Glazed N Confused the perfect choice for a mellow evening at home or a lazy Sunday brunch. So go ahead, Taurus—get glazed and stay confused (in the best way possible)! This strain is sure to satisfy your desire for both sensory pleasure and an old-fashioned chill out session.


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two women looking at each other confidently on sky background with pipes in the corners and the word "Gemini"
(Savina Monet)

Alright Gemini, time to put your wit and charm to good use this May! With Venus in your third house of communication, you’ll feel flush with extra charisma and ready to connect with new people. This is the perfect time to network, be it at a work function or social event; keep in mind your social butterfly tendencies can distract you from your goals. Remember to buckle down and focus on the task at hand.

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On May 20, a full moon in your ninth house of adventure may induce extra restlessness and a need to explore. Perhaps a spontaneous road trip or last-minute getaway? Spring is the time to embrace your wanderlust and follow where the wind takes you. So pack your bags and get ready to explore with your signature Gemini flair.

May strain: You don’t take life too seriously, Gemini, but you get anxious sometimes, just like everyone else. Try out some Moose and Lobsta, a tropical-tasting, sativa-dominant hybrid known to help with anxiety. Moose and Lobsta is the perfect companion to keep your mind and body engaged and energized while you light up, and then light up the room. 

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Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word "Cancer"
(Savina Monet)

Alright Cancer, prepare to harness the power of the moon this May! The sun in your 10th house of career will boost your motivation to climb the ladder of success—perfect for taking on new responsibilities and seeking out opportunities for growth at work. Be careful not to let your nurturing tendencies lead to overworking yourself.

On May 6, a new moon in your fourth house of home and family may have you feeling extra sentimental and ready to connect with your loved ones. Take this opportunity to embrace the comfort of home and spend time with those who matter most to you.

Make a plan to address any unresolved family issues and take the time to listen to other perspectives with empathy. With a little balance and emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to tap into the nurturing power of the moon and build deeper connections with those around you.

May strain: Sometimes emotional vulnerability and sensitivity can overwhelm you, Cancer, and distract from your goals. As the name implies, Comfortably Dumb will help you truly zone out and regroup your energy. With its potent and relaxing effects, this strain helps you let go of worries or anxieties, and thus fully sink into a state of blissful relaxation. Let it wash over you like a warm, soothing wave, then get back to business. 


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Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word "Leo"
(Savina Monet)

Leo, get ready to shine like the star that you are this May! With Mercury in your fifth house of creativity, your artistic expression will be on fire, so let your inner artist run wild and pursue your passions. And don’t let your ego get in the way of constructive criticism—there’s always room for improvement and growth, even for a star like you.

On May 16, a full moon in your eighth house of intimacy harkens a desire to connect on a deeper level with your partner and close friends. So, embrace your sensual side and explore your desires! While your fiery nature can lead to conflicts or power struggles in your relationships, true intimacy requires vulnerability and trust.

Let your guard down and approach your relationships with openness and honesty. With a little humility and emotional intelligence, you’ll be able to bask in the glow of true connection and passion.

May strain: The whole Zodiac knows that you like the finer things in life, Leo. And what could be more luxurious than a strain named Lemon Vuitton? Lemon Vuitton is a beautiful, blingy strain fit for a department store. It tastes like fresh citrus and always comes packed with energetic effects that are sure to spark your inspiration and fuel your passions. 


Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word "Virgo"
(Savina Monet)

Get ready to channel your inner perfectionist this May, Virgo. Mars in your sixth house of health and work will fill you with motivation to tackle your to-do list and get things done. This is the perfect time to focus on self improvement through exercise, healthy eating, or mastering a new skill. Be careful not to let your critical nature lead to burnout or self-doubt. Progress has no single path, and it’s okay to take breaks.

On May 10, a new moon in your third house of communication may spark new chances to embrace your analytical side and seek out new information or ideas. Approach your learning with a balanced perspective, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. With a little flexibility and intellectual curiosity, you can achieve your goals.

May strain: Like Beyonce, the ultimate Virgo, you embrace your meticulous attention to detail and desire for perfection. And what better strain to match your refined tastes and help you step your game up than Pearl Scout Cookies? With its complex flavor profile and perfectly balanced effects, this strain will satisfy your discerning palate and provide the precise, controlled experience you crave. 


Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word "Libra"
(Savina Monet)

The time is now, Libra, to balance your scales this May. Jupiter in your seventh house of partnerships means a surplus of socializing and connecting with others. This makes for a great time to focus on your relationships, both old and new. Your desire for harmony can lead to sacrificing your own needs, so keep in mind that healthy relationships require compromise and communication from both parties.

On May 26, a full moon in your second house of finances may have you feeling extra-focused on your financial stability and security. Take the time to reassess your budget and financial goals, and make any necessary changes. Remember, true abundance comes from living within your means and finding fulfillment in non-material aspects of life. A balanced perspective and focus on creating a life of true wealth and abundance will take you far.

May strain: This strain’s truly got it all! It helps you focus, it stimulates your appetite, it reduces pain; Chem de la Chem is perfect for you, Libra. Indulge in this sativa’s luxurious, fuel-flavored pleasures and savor the exhilirating effects that make this strain so exquisite. It just might tip your scales in the exact direction you need to chase your dreams. 


Scorpion and bongs on a blue and pink background with the word "Scorpio"
(Savina Monet)

It’s time to embrace your transformative power this May, Scorpio. With Pluto in your first house of self, you’ll feel empowered to take charge of your life and make positive changes. Personal growth is where it’s at this month, whether through therapy, meditation, or just exploring your own layers. True transformation comes from acceptance and letting go, so try to keep your desire for control in check.

On May 14, a new moon in your ninth house of higher learning may have your adventurous side buzzing for new experiences and knowledge. Approach your learning with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to challenge your beliefs. With a little balance and self-awareness, your transformative power will be well within your grasp.

May strain: You like to go deep in all aspects of life, Scorpio. Chem Jong Ill is the perfect companion for your quest for hidden knowledge and profound insights, with its pungent aroma and deep and powerful effects. This heady hybrid opens the mind and lays out new paths for thinking about yourself and those around you.


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An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word "Sagittarius"
(Savina Monet)

To the bold Sagittarius, get ready to truly harness your adventurousness this month. Jupiter in your ninth house of travel and exploration means you’ll be itching for new experiences. So plan that dream vacation or embark on a new learning journey! True adventure requires preparation and consideration for others, so take it slow—we know your desire for freedom can lead to recklessness from time to time.

On May 18, a full moon in your third house of communication will make it easy to embrace your natural curiosity and engage in meaningful conversations; don’t let your desire for debate turn into aggression. Approach your conversations with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn from others.

May strain: With its exotic and alluring name, this strain is sure to pique your curiosity and ignite your imagination. CannaSutra has a sweet, hashy taste and an uplifting effect that will liven your senses to seize the day. You might find its flavor comparable to musky incense, and its zen genetics will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful as soon as you exhale. 


A horned goat and weed leaves on a green background with orange border and the word "Capricorn"
(Savina Monet)

Strap in Capricorn, and get ready to put in the hard work. Saturn in your first house of self-discipline will spike your motivation to take charge of your life and achieve your goals. This is the perfect time to focus on self improvement, developing a new skill, improving your health, or working towards a long term goal. Be careful not to let your desire for success lead to self criticism or burnout. Remember, progress takes time and it’s okay to take breaks and practice self care.

On May 20, a full moon in your eighth house of transformation means letting go of anything that no longer serves you. So embrace your inner transformation and release any negative patterns or emotions, including resistance or fear. True transformation comes from surrender and acceptance.

May strain: Named for two of the chillest and most successful potheads in history, Cheese and Chong is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of grinding. Indulge in the funky aroma and relaxed, mellow effects—let your hair down for a change. After all, even the most responsible and practical goats need to let loose and have some fun once in a while.


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water pitcher and weed pipes on sky background with word "Aquarius"
(Savina Monet)

Ready to embrace your individuality, Aquarius? Uranus in your first house of self-expression will spark inspiration to show off your unique identity to the world. This is the perfect time to explore new creative outlets, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace your eccentricities. Keep an eye on your desire for rebellion to avoid unwarranted alienation or detachment. 

On May 11, a new moon in your seventh house of partnerships may shift your focus to the balance and dynamics of your relationships, be they romantic, platonic, or professional. Reign in your desire for independence; healthy relationships require communication and compromise from both parties. Approach your partnerships with a sense of openness and willingness to work towards mutual growth and support.

May strain: You’re a non-conformer, Aquarius, and so is the intense Hannibal Nectar. This strain drips with floral and musky terps, and its heady, creative effects make it the perfect companion for all your artistic and intellectual pursuits. While you probably don’t want to take advice from Hannibal Lecter, he did always follow the beat of his own drum. 


two fish swimming in stars and cannabis leaves on a blue background with bongs and the word "Pisces"
(Savina Monet)

Alright Pisces, time to tap into your intuition. Neptune in your first house of self-awareness will put you in tune with your emotions and instincts. So trust your gut, embrace your creativity, and dig a little deeper into yourself—but don’t let your desire for escapism override reality. Remember, true intuition comes from a place of acceptance of both the light and dark aspects of the self.

On May 26, a full moon in your sixth house of health and wellness may spur you to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing. Focus on healthy habits like exercise, meditation, or seeking professional support, without putting too much pressure on yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them! Approach your personal growth with compassion and a willingness to accept yourself as you are.

May strain: You’re so dreamy, Pisces, like a plume of pungent smoke in the sky. Try out some Gascotti to tap into that ethereal headspace you’re known for. This sweet and diesel-laced hybrid has helped numerous Leafly users harness their own euphoria, and you’re no exception.


blunts and a ram with the word "Aries" on a fiery orange background
(Savina Monet)

Aries, get ready to ignite your fire this May! As the Sun enters your sign this month, you will feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm for life. You will be more (if you can believe it) confident and assertive, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Your natural leadership skills will shine through to inspire and motivate those around you. Time to set new goals for yourself and take action towards achieving them. And pace yourself; your energy levels may be high, but you’ll need to conserve some of it for the long haul.

On the career front, this is a great time to showcase your skills and abilities. Others will recognize and reward your hard work and dedication, so expect new opportunities to take on more responsibility. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas with your colleagues, as your unique perspective could be just what your team needs to hear.

Remember to stay focused and organized—the pace may get hectic at times. With determination and perseverance, you’ll be able to achieve great things this month, Aries!

May strain: Chronic Thunder is a strong indica that users report will help clear your mind and “tuck you in for the night.” This potent strain is sure to quiet your mind and let your creativity shine when tackling any challenge that comes your way. Chronic Thunder’s unique blend of earthy, spicy flavors will pique your interest and keep you coming back for more. 

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