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Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is an exciting new cannabinoid product that is legal in all 50 states for anyone over the age of 21

Hemp Delta 9 is very popular because of its mood-enhancing psychoactive effects.

Unlike traditional Delta 9 THC from cannabis plants you don’t need a prescription or a medical card to use this type of Delta 9

And now it’s available at your local CBD American Shaman store in edible forms such as D9 Gummies that come in 4 flavors and a variety pack!

Flavors include Watermelon, Sweet Tropical, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry!

CBD American Shaman has perfected the blend of legal Delta 9 THC with the full spectrum blend of cannabinoids to give you the full Entourage Effect.

And they’re using their powerful nanotechnology to ensure
maximum bioavailability, so you get the most out of less product.

Although Delta 9 THC is the same chemical compound regardless of
the source, traditional Delta 9 from cannabis plants has much more THC and high doses can be too stimulating

But lower amounts of THC as found in hemp-derived Delta 9 can provide similar feelings of euphoria along with other cannabinoid benefits but without the potential side effects of traditional Delta 9 THC.

So if you thought that only good THC can be purchased at a dispensary, we promise you won’t be able to tell a difference. In fact you’ll likely prefer the way this gets you there with less THC

Although there are similar benefits to other cannabinoid products such as CBD and Delta 8 – Delta 9 THC is strictly for those that want to get high without the potential side effects of the more potent cannabis derived Delta 9.

Keep in mind hemp Delta 9 products are not like CBD oil – Hemp D9 products are psychoactive and will very likely alter your mental space, so be careful with dosage especially when you’re first trying it.

So all our Hemp D9 Gummies come with this warning on the label and
please read our FDA disclosure, especially if your pregnant or nursing.

And pay attention to the amount of Hemp D9 gummies you’re taking, especially if you’re new to Delta 9 THC products.

The recommended dosage starts with 1/2 or 1/4 of a gummy and suggests you gradually increase that amount based on your body’s tolerance level.

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