How To Make THC Gummy Bears That Are Shelf Stable and Taste Amazing From A Pastry Chef

Leave these gummies out at room temperature for up to a year! Won’t melt in your pocket and provide accurate doses. Video intended for audiences 19+ here in Canada where cannabis is legal. Listed below are links for finding ingredients for this recipe. Have any questions? don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments!

153g Glucose or Corn Syrup
141g Sugar
11g Sorbitol (optional)
9g Citric Acid (12g for sour)
44g Gold Leaf Gelatin
1/2 tsp Lorann Mold inhibitor
Additional sugar and citric acid for coating

Flavors of choice (lorann)
Americolor Gel Food Colorant
Gummy Molds of choice
optional grain alcohol

Products primarily found on
If in Canada you can also purchase most of the food ingredients from


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