Alpen Gleaux hemp flower makes great CBD oil to infuse into edibles!

Alpen Gleaux’s loud, pungent aroma of citrus candy makes a delicious white chocolate infused edible!

Alpen Gleaux is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that is truly unique. Created by High Alpine Genetics, this high CBD strain is a unique purple autoflower cultivar. Alpen Gleaux is renowned for its striking appearance, floral terpene profile, and wonderful flavor. Featured in HIGH TIMES, these extremely unique flowers are of the darkest purple we have seen! They are also spotted with orange hairs that stand out against the dark night appearance of the flower.

You can make high-quality cannabis edibles using hemp flower. Home CBD extraction is pretty easy once you learn the process. No green garbage in my extractions! This resin was subzero EHO extracted. Using CWD tek (closed washed decarboxylation) to preserve Alpen Gleaux’s delicious citrus and candy natural flavors. The 190 proof alcohol is then evaporated, leaving the main infusion ingredient.

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