Minnesota House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill, While Senate Version Is Set For Final Committee Vote

The Nevada Assembly has approved a resolution urging Congress to legalize marijuana, sending it to the state Senate.

The legislation from Assemblyman Reuben D’Silva (D) cleared the chamber in a 37-5 vote on Monday.

It states that cannabis has “many well documented medical uses,” yet remains a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), “alongside heroin.”

The resolution goes on to note that Nevada voters have approved ballot initiatives to legalize medical and recreational marijuana, and a state district court ruled last year that the state Board of Pharmacy’s designation of cannabis as a Schedule I substance is unconstitutional.

Further, because of the federal classification of marijuana, patients are “unable to receive medical insurance prescription health coverage” for cannabis, and they’re also not covered under health savings accounts.

It goes on to discuss the financial barriers that marijuana businesses face under federal prohibition, namely the lack of access to banking services that forces many licensed businesses to operate on a cash-only basis that makes them targets of crime.

Also, a shoutout to Assembly and Senate Republicans including @Danielle4nv1, @hammond4nevada, @PKONeillNV, and others who came on as co-sponsors here and demonstrated this isn’t a partisan issue, but

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