Minnesota House approves adult-use marijuana legalization bill

Keurig founder Peter Dragone has joined the executive team of a startup marijuana accessories maker in Kentucky that’s aiming to begin its first funding round.

Dragone, who introduced K-Cups to the market in 2004, has taken a role as equity partner of Convenient Cannabis, the maker of Puffsy pods.


The single-serve pods, made of recyclable glass, are preloaded with cannabis and fit most standard bongs and pipes.

Dragone is not an investor in Convenient Cannabis, according to Convenient Cannabis CEO and founder Zechariah Corcimiglia.

But as “acting CFO and strategic adviser,” he will play a key role connecting the company with potential backers.

“He has this large network of venture capitalists and angel investors,” Corcimiglia told MJBizDaily.

“He is coming on as an equity partner and getting us ready for our Series A round of financing.”


The company is looking to

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