German Legalization to Innovate Consumption and Cultivation Tech

Earlier this month federal ministers in Germany conducted a press conference in which they provided details regarding the nation’s adult-use cannabis legalization plan.

Germany’s legalization plan involves permitting personal possession, cultivation, and consumption, and noncommercial cannabis clubs will serve as the initial foundation for access to legal cannabis.

Eventually Germany will also have regional cannabis commerce pilot programs, although many of the details regarding the pilot programs are still up in the air and will be part of a second phase for the legalization plan.

A Looming Home Cultivation Boom

While it is tough to say with exact certainty how many adults in Germany will cultivate their own cannabis for adult-use purposes once it becomes legal, there is relevant data out of Canada that can provide some insight.

According to a study conducted in Canada in 2022 by researchers associated with a variety of leading institutions, roughly 10% of Canadian cannabis consumers engage in home cultivation.

That statistic, coupled with the estimated cannabis usage rates in Germany (8.8% of the population), works out to several hundreds of thousands of potential legal home cultivators in Germany’s near future.

In addition to home cultivators coming up with, and presumably widely sharing online, their tips and hacks for growing at home, inventors and innovators will no doubt be working around the clock to come up with the next great home cultivation technological breakthrough to bring to market.

Personal Consumption Technology

A ‘perfect storm’ is brewing in Germany right now on the personal consumption technology front, in that the country already serves as the birthplace for one of the greatest cannabis consumption devices of all time – the Volcano.

Additionally, consumers are about to have more access to legal cannabis than ever before, and once noncommercial clubs launch, they will have more places to legally consume cannabis outside of their homes than ever before as well.

Could Germany become an epicenter for new cannabis technologies?

Given Germany’s long history of being one of the most technologically innovative countries on earth, it’s likely a safe bet that there will be new industry-disrupting consumption gadgets coming out of Germany in the coming years.

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  • Johnny Green is the Media and Content Director for the International Cannabis Business Conference and has blogged about cannabis since January 2010.

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