Sorry, the video ended right as I was saying the term, …I guess they “hooked it up”. Rofl.
Will be posting Pt.2 very soon here in a few days. It’ll be of me smoking it and maybe another type of CBD buds.

Just got some Twisted CBD HEMP FLOWERS from the local “smoke shop” in San Antonio, Texas and was feeling like doing a review on the marijuana they’ve got for us.

I have seizures, so for me (smoking/eating CBD, etc) is (IMO) the best option for me when comparing to the big name brands that make pills for epileptic people like myself.
My doctor prescribed me KEPPRA (500MG) or levETIRAcetam. A.k.a. the worst side effects anyone could ever ask for.

I was taking KEPPRA for about two years and have chosen to completely get off the pills because of the horrendous side effects.
I have been off the KEPPRA for about 7 days and have gotten so much better (as far as the side effects go/they’ve decreased/if not totally have done).

I can only thank the Lord and my parents for this miracle. I have been blessed. We all have been blessed. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, stomach/muscle/joint pains, than get off your hospital prescribed medication and start smoking/eating/rubbing on ointments/etc, that contain CBD. You won’t regret it.

May God bless you all today and have a wonderful day and/or night y’all.


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