Experts sound alarm over global spread of dangerous marijuana viroid

Delaware Gov. John Carney said Friday he would allow pending legislation that legalizes recreational cannabis in the state to become law.

That means Delaware becomes the 22nd state in the U.S. to legalize adult-use marijuana and set up a regulated industry.


Business licenses could be issued as soon as this summer, though it’s not yet known when sales would begin.

Lawmakers say a 15% tax rate established in the pending legislation is among the country’s lowest.

Carney, a Democrat, vetoed a similar package last year.

Where marijuana is legal in the United States

This year, after both bills passed the state General Assembly with a veto-proof majority, the governor faced the choice of vetoing the bills and risk the Assembly overturning the veto or allowing both bills to become law without his signature.

He had until Saturday to act on House Bill 1, which ends criminal

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