Episode 8 – All things CBD/Hemp w/ahh dang creations

Season 2 – It’s Me Leo Podcast
Episode 8 – All things CBD/Hemp

Winner of the 2022 Texas Hemp Awards (Best edible – non gummie) , this week I interviewed Rob Vela from Ahh Dang Creations!
The quiet veteran who reads Robert Greene books, loves his 4 sons, enjoys romcoms, and was looking for a purpose after war and the army. Knowing the benefits of cannabis for himself, he wanted to share the same with others. He launched a new pop up market in the San Antonio area, launching some new products for Q2, & overall being an advocate for mental health.
Rob has had some pretty amazing chingonas in his life, we talk about how women in general are so underrated with our efforts.
We discuss mental health and what it is like being in the army. The struggles with being a man and talking/dealing with mental health issues.
We break down products and what is best for you to get you through the day, sleep, etc. What red flags to look out for when buying CBD/Hemp products.
Rob also shouts out a lot of amazing people in his life – his volunteers, the women he’s surrounded with, & many more!
Rob and his son will be doing a mission trip soon – please consider donating to his cash app.
Looking forward to y’all getting to know Rob and getting to know the CBD/Hemp world a little better.
You can follow Rob in IG at @_robsfault
Work profile: @ahhdangcreationsllc
Markets in SA: @bulverderdmarkets
Website: https://ahhdangcreations.com/


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