Top 10 Ways To Smoke Marijuana » How to Grow Weed Indoors

  • Joint – A joint is a classic way to smoke marijuana. It involves rolling marijuana into a paper and smoking it like a cigarette.

  • Blunt – A blunt is similar to a joint, but it is rolled with a tobacco leaf instead of paper.

  • Bong – A bong is a water pipe that filters the smoke through water before it is inhaled. This can make the smoke cooler and smoother.

  • Vaporizer – A vaporizer heats the marijuana to a temperature that releases the active compounds without burning the plant material. This can be a healthier way to smoke.

  • Pipe – A pipe is a simple device that allows the user to smoke marijuana by lighting it and inhaling the smoke.

  • Dab Rig – A dab rig is used to smoke marijuana concentrates, which are more potent than traditional marijuana flower.

  • Hookah – A hookah is a water pipe that is typically used to smoke flavored tobacco, but it can also be used for marijuana.

  • Gravity Bong – A gravity bong uses gravity to push smoke into the lungs. It involves submerging a bottle in water and lighting the marijuana on top of the bottle cap.

  • Chillum – A chillum is a small pipe that originated in India. It is made of clay or stone and is typically used for smoking hashish.

  • Apple Pipe – An apple pipe is a makeshift pipe that can be made by carving an apple and using it as a bowl to smoke marijuana.

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