Top Colorado Senator Files Psychedelics Regulations Bill, Drawing Mixed Reactions

Colorado’s Senate president has filed a bill to enact regulations for the possession, cultivation and use of certain psychedelics for personal, therapeutic and spiritual purposes—giving a preview of the policy landscape that may emerge following voter approval of a legalization ballot initiative last year.

The legislation seeks to set rules on “healing centers” where adults 21 and older could receive psychedelic treatment, tighten up policies on cultivation and facilitators, establish licensing requirements, dictate state agency regulatory responsibilities and impose penalties for unsanctioned activities.

While possession, cultivation and sharing certain entheogenic substances became legal for adults after Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed a proclamation certifying the voter-approved ballot measure late last year, the initiative called for an advisory board to develop regulatory recommendations to inform more holistic legislation covering access to supervised psychedelic services and other issues.

But as that process moves ahead, Senate President Steve Fenberg (D) filed a bill on Tuesday that would establish a separate regulatory framework for psychedelics, including provisions that depart from the ballot measure and others that are opposed by certain advocates.

Mason Marks, a law professor at the Florida State University College of Law and co-founder of the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation

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