How to Remove THC From Your System!

How to get THC out of your system

In one of our previous videos we have discussed how long THC can remain in your system and how long you normally have to wait before your body will be THC free.

The reason some of you may want to know such things is idle curiosity, for others it is because you may have to take a drug test and you want to make sure you pass.

In that video we discussed how THC can be absorbed in fat, so if you are overweight, you are going to have to hold off having that drug test for longer than a thin person.

That’s because when fat burns, THC is released in the form of the THC metabolite THC-COOH and it is this metabolite that drug tests can identify.

So, what can you do to help get THC out of your system?

Well, lets start with the bleeding obvious. Stop smoking or ingesting cannabis, especially if you are a heavy user. If you don’t, you’re unlikely to be ‘clean’ inside 30 days.

Next, drink loads of water, though don’t overdo it or you will also rid your body of needed electrolytes, which can be fatal.

The more you pee the quicker you will help get the metabolite out of your system, and what remains in your urine will be heavily watered down.

Make sure you get the balance right as if your urine is too weak, this will be spotted and you will have to take the test again, under a dark cloud.

There has been a study that suggests zinc is an effective urine adulterant which can produce a false negative test result.

The tests indicated that if you take a zinc supplement, that has the potential to interfere with urine test results for between 12 and 18 hours.

Further testing is needed to confirm these results and we should point out that if you are taking any other medication, for whatever reason, check with your doctor or chemist before taking any zinc supplement.

Detoxing can also help to flush THC out of your system. Detox drinks can sometimes either expel or mask the presence of THC, often by deploying diuretics to make you pee more frequently.

Of course, just drinking loads of coffee or cranberry juice might be just as effective…so let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and of course if you enjoyed this video like and subscribe so you too can become a cannabis expert!


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