Canada’s sixth-largest city overturns cannabis store ban

One of the largest cities in Canada has put out the welcome mat for legal cannabis retailers.

The City Council of Mississauga, the sixth-largest city by population in Canada and Ontario’s third-largest, voted Wednesday to allow legal cannabis retail stores to set up shop within the city.


The city, near Toronto, had been among nearly 70 municipalities in Ontario that prohibited regulated cannabis stores after Canada legalized adult-use sales in late 2018.

Mississauga’s population of 721,599, according to the federal 2016 census, is higher than most provincial capitals.

So bringing cannabis sales under the watchful eye of regulators is expected to open the door to significant retail opportunities in the city.

“Being Ontario’s third largest city, the Mississauga market presents us with a lucrative revenue and growth opportunity for both High Tide and our Canna Cabana brand, given its size and scale,” High Tide CEO Raj

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