5 Best Ways to Celebrate 420

The time is upon us once again. The day for spreading cannabis-themed love around the world and toking or vaping on some tasty strains. As the 20th of April approaches each year, weed enthusiasts around the world gear up to celebrate their favourite plant. Known colloquially as “420”, this unofficial holiday has been celebrated since the 1970s and has since gained a cult-like following.

For many, 420 is a day to embrace cannabis culture and partake in its consumption. However, it also has a political aspect and an anti-establishment meaning. Beyond the typical smoke sessions, there are countless ways to celebrate and enjoy this day. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 420 celebrations and make the most out of this special day. Remember, whilst it may not be in the official calendar, it’s still important to a great number of people. So make sure to take some time for yourself, and enjoy. 

What is 420?

On the 20th April, every year, cannabis-lovers around the world come together – in parks and houses – to celebrate the existence of weed. This has been a phenomenon since the 70s and it also has a political side. Due to the fact that cannabis has been demonised and illegalised for decades, it is usual for those who smoke it to also use it as a protest against other marginalised issues. These include: human rights, equality and anti-war ideas. Hyde Park corner, a huge park in London, is often full of cannabis smokers protesting and delivering their left-wing ideals during 420. It’s quite a beautiful sight if you’ve never seen it. And, of course, an equally beautiful smell. 19 year old weed-lover Leoni – whilst sitting in Hyde Park on the 20th April 2020 – told Vice News:

“I support legalisation one million and ten percent… I’ve had family members and friends get into trouble with the law just for carrying a bit of weed. They’re not bad people. The law needs to change.”

Nowadays, the UK police are usually told to hold off on arrests during 420. Despite the fact that recreational cannabis is illegal in England, it is quite evident that no one means any harm. A bunch of stoners in a park, listening to music, talking about profound ideas, chilling out – sounds like World War III, right? 

The Origins

There are multiple theories as to the origins of 420. The one you choose to believe usually depends on how crazy you’re feeling that day. The more likely theory states that the term “420” can be traced back to the early 1970s, when a group of high school students in San Rafael, California began using the term as code for cannabis consumption. The group, which called themselves “the Waldos”, would meet after school at 4:20pm to smoke cannabis and search for a rumoured abandoned cannabis crop.

The term quickly caught on among their peers and eventually spread beyond their high school. By the 1980s, “420” had become a widely recognised term within cannabis culture, and was used to refer to cannabis consumption and the celebration of cannabis culture. The exact origins of the Waldos’ use of the term “420” remain unclear, but there are several theories. Some speculate that “420” was a police code for cannabis consumption, while others believe it was taken from the number of chemical compounds in cannabis.

Some rather crazy folk make a link between the 20th of April also being Adolf Hitler’s birthday. How this is relevant, no one knows, but people still have made this connection. However, as mentioned before, the most widely accepted theory is that it was simply a time of day that the Waldos could meet to consume cannabis. In recent years, there has been a push to recognize 420 as a day of activism, in addition to a day of celebration. Many cannabis advocates use the day to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis, as well as the need for legislation and reform. 

5 Best Ways to Spend 420

However you like to spend your 20th April celebrations – be it smoking a joint and relaxing or protesting for a better world – there will be something for everyone on this list. Here are our 5 best ways to spend your cannabis celebrations this year. 

1 – Attend a Cannabis Festival

If you’re feeling up for it and active, then one of the most exciting ways to celebrate 420 is by attending a cannabis festival. These events are held all around the world, from the United States to Europe to Australia, and provide an opportunity to meet other cannabis enthusiasts, try new products, and learn more about the industry. If you want a space where everyone is on the same wavelength as you, then this is ideal. Not only that, but it’ll allow you the chance to try everything. You can listen to talks, you can chill, you can hear music, you can try new products – it’s all on offer.

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Some of the most popular cannabis festivals include the High Times Cannabis Cup, which is held in multiple locations across the United States, as well as Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, and the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, California. At these events, you can expect to find a variety of vendors selling everything from cannabis flowers to edibles, as well as live music, food, and other entertainment. Attending a cannabis festival can be a great way to experience the culture and connect with like-minded individuals. Just be sure to research the event beforehand – not every festival in every country will allow for you to openly consume cannabis. Remember, they all will still need to fit within the laws of the nation they’re in. 

2 – Do Cannabis Cooking

Another great way to spend your 20th April celebrations is to do some cannabis cooking. This essentially means making any food or beverage that is infused with – or goes well with – cannabis. Check out some of the greatest recipes online and have a go at making a full weed-infused three course meal. Don’t forget the classic cannabis brownies for dessert.  If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis-infused cuisine, taking a cooking class is also a great way to spend 420.

These classes are offered in many major cities around the world and can teach you how to create a wide range of cannabis-infused dishes, from sweet to savoury. In addition to learning how to cook with cannabis, you’ll also learn about dosage, decarboxylation, and other important aspects of cannabis cuisine. This knowledge can be invaluable if you plan on cooking with cannabis in the future. You’ll be surprised how many people assume that you can simply throw cannabis buds into a recipe without the decarbing process. Don’t be afraid to learn more about it. 

3 – Have a Cannabis Spa Day

For those looking to relax and unwind, a cannabis spa day is an excellent option. You may not have realised this was even available, but many spas now offer cannabis-infused treatments, such as massages, facials, and body wraps. These treatments are said to have a range of benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, and skin rejuvenation. In addition to the treatments themselves, many cannabis spas also offer other saunas, hot tubs, and meditation rooms. These can be a great way to enhance the overall experience and leave you feeling refreshed and chill. Check out Forbes recommended getaways. Now cannabis is becoming more acceptable, there’s no need to hide your celebrations anymore. Enjoy them.

4 – Explore the Outdoors

Why reinvent the wheel? The original 420 celebrations happened in parks and gardens, so why bother doing anything else? If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, spending 420 exploring nature can be an excellent way to celebrate. Whether you prefer chilling, hiking, or climbing trees – spending time in nature can be a great way to connect with the cannabis plant and appreciate its beauty. Parks are also the easiest place to get away with enjoying cannabis, even if you’re in a nation that doesn’t allow for its recreational use. If you decide to venture into a forest then the chances are even lower of getting seen by anyone. Enjoying weed in peace – without being bothered – can make for the best 420 ever. Just make sure to bring all the essentials you need for when those munchies inevitably hit. 

5 – Have a Cannabis Party

Finally, hosting a cannabis-friendly party can be a great way to celebrate 420 with your mates. Whether you’re planning a small get-together or a larger party, there are countless ways to host a great celebration. You can firstly ensure you have all of the accessories – such as vapes, bongs and lots of bud. Then make sure you have lots of snacks and drinks available for your guests. Once the party starts, you can suggest playing cannabis-themed games, listening to music, or even watch some of your favourite stoner films. A personal favourite of mine is always Pineapple Express. The most important thing with hosting a party is making sure everyone feels comfortable and everyone is friendly. Stick to a tight group of friends, who everyone knows and loves. 


There are countless ways to spend 420 and make the most out of this special day. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you enjoy yourself. Today is a day for celebrating cannabis and celebrating you. Happy 420!

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