⏪ Charleston White on Boosie’s Hitman Marlo Mike, and wanting to fight Boosie in a boxing match

Charleston White & Anthony Dewberry sit down to discuss Charleston’s alleged FBI arrest, Tekashi 6ix9ine getting beat in bathroom, Dewberry and Charelston getting arrested together at the airport, Akademiks and Live Nation show cancelled due to China rant and the China Mac racism issue, Brittney Griner, Boosie, Math Hoffa.

00:00 Reallyfe Intro
00:15 Charleston White intro
00:23 Charleston White on Anthony Dewberry not wanting to take a charge for him
04:35 Charleston White on going to jail recently
05:35 Charleston White talks marijuana laws in Texas
07:11 Charleston White on Brittney Griner
08:27 Charleston White on Tekashi69 getting jumped
11:35 Charleston White on Tekashi69 being a federal informant
13:13 Charleston White on Tekashi69 being too comfortable
13:36 Anthony Dewberry on the real reason Tekashi69 got jumped
14:33 Charleston White on Boosie’s Hitman Marlo Mike, and wanting to fight Boosie in a boxing match
15:41 Charleston White on DJ Akademiks show getting cancel due to comments about China
16:21 Charleston White on Live Nation not cancelling his show
17:23 Charleston White on Math Hoffa checking him about commenting on his family
19:40 Charleston White on China Mac
20:00 Charleston White on being a perfect gentleman in real life
20:40 Charleston White disses New York
21:15 Charleston White on him playing a character, and not really meaning anything he says like Howard Stern
21:55 Charleston White on China Mac threatening him
23:23 Charleston White on YouTube allowing him to face racial discrimination
24:27 Charleston White says black people have the right to hate anybody they want
25:40 Charleston White on not filtering himself
26:50 Charleston White on kids are not off limits
27:27 Charleston White on Black people being hypocrites about BLM
30:00 Charleston White on the FBI surveilling him, and the police being gangster
33:01 Charleston White calls the FBI gangster
33:29 Charleston White on knowing Texas Governor Greg Abbott
35:00 Charleston White on the FBI profiling him
36:00 Charleston White on China Mac calling the FBI on him
37:12 Charleston White on the police kidnapping him
40:36 Charleston White on the police receiving a lot of calls about him
40:55 Charleston White on most people wanting to see him fail for telling the truth
41:30 Charleston White on hanging with the FBI in Atlanta
42:16 Charleston White on being a snitch
43:14 Charleston White on his comedy show with Say Cheese TV
43:37 Charleston White apologizes to rappers, and ask them to perform his show & NBA Youngboy
44:35 Anthony Dewberry & Angel’s Cookies

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