Guava Cake Weed Strain Information and Review

Now here’s a strain for the personal collection: an indica-dominant hybrid that swings for the fences. Guava Cake strain embodies style and flavor, perfectly accentuating its relaxing buzz with a bouquet of rich tropical terpenes. The Guava Cake strain’s THC level averages 25% to 30%, so it’s not the one to get if you’re THC-intolerant or new to the game.

Though the origins of the Guava Cake weed strain are unknown, there’s no denying its genetics come from prime stock. It’s widely believed to tie back to Wedding Cake, but the specifics are up for debate. Despite the haziness, many breeders have tried recreating Guava Cake, leading to multiple versions of the strain (some claiming THC levels as high as 36.8%). 

Guava Cake weed strain attributes:
ORIGIN Wedding Cake
Gold Leaf
EFFECTS Euphoria, energy, creativity
FLAVORS Exotic fruit, berries, and citrus
ADVERSE REACTIONS Hunger, paranoia, dizziness,
anxiety, and cottonmouth
MEDICAL Pain, fatigue, insomnia,
nausea, and appetite loss
THC CONTENT % 25% – 30%
CBD % 0.65% – 0.8%
INDICA/SATIVA % 70% – 30%
INDOOR YIELD 8-24 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-4.2 oz (Autoflower)
OUTDOOR YIELD 16-64 oz (Photoperiod)
1.7-7 oz (Autoflower)

Is Guava Cake strain indica or sativa? 

One such breeder is Seed Junky Genetics, a cultivator that knows fine herb delivers fine effects. The breeder’s efforts have put it at the forefront of development, with many considering this team as the original creators of the Guava Cake strain. Treehouse (aka Deep Freeze) is another name that often comes up in Guava Cake strain reviews. Despite the cultivator’s secrecy, the Treehouse Guava Cake strain continues to gain popularity. 

While the Guava Cake strain sativa and indica qualities shine, indica takes center stage with 70% dominance. That doesn’t mean the Guava Cake strain effects aren’t balanced. This hybrid delivers a sublime blend of energy and talkativeness with serenity and introspection.

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Guava Cake strain genetics

So, how exactly did the Guava Cake strain come to be? The details depend on who you ask, but it all starts with Wedding Cake. 

Wedding Cake comes from Cherry Pie crossed with GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and is a calm-inducing indica dominant hybrid. It packs a THC level of 25% and goes easy on your senses with sweet, earthy, vanilla flavors and a relaxing high. Cultivators regularly use this award-winner for creating new strains, like Gold Leaf.

Gold Leaf is a phenotype of Wedding Cake with unknown origins. Its flavors and aroma combine spicy pine with tangy citrus – a contrast to the sweet, vanilla taste Wedding Cake is known for. Its indica dominance, coupled with a 21% THC content, contributes to strong couchlock effects, making it a go-to for users with insomnia. 

One theory suggests the Guava Cake strain genetics come from taking the Gold Leaf phenotype and crossing it back into its Wedding Cake parent (backcrossing). Others suggest Guava Cake is the result of breeding the Gold Leaf phenotype of Wedding Cake with itself (selfing). Whatever the specifics, Seed Junky Genetics has masterfully refined the gene pool to produce the sensational Guava Cake strain. 

Guava Cake strain grow info

You’re unlikely to find Guava Cake strain seeds, but it’s available to grow from clones. Guava Cake thrives indoors and outdoors and responds well to scrogging. It produces dense, sticky nugs, thick foliage, and heavy colas. Regular pruning helps to prevent mold, mildew, and bud rot. 

The plant’s easy-to-grow nature has made it popular among cultivators, with more and more growers adding it to their repertoire. Available Guava Cake strain info is on the rise as growers share what they’ve learned, but you can also refer back to Gold Leaf and Wedding Cake for more growing tips.

Growing Guava Cake strain outdoors

Guava Cake thrives in a warm environment, provided you give them sufficient care and attention along the way. This indica dominant strain is easy to manage in most set-ups, producing short to medium plants around 3 feet tall. 

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Wedding Cake Strain

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  • 70% indica, 30% sativa
  • THC Levels around 25%
  • Easy growing in- and outdoors
  • Relaxation while remaining sharp

Guava Cake strain flowering time 

Photoperiod Guava Cake plants have a 55-75 day flowering time. Outdoors you expect to harvest in mid-October

Guava Cake strain yield 

The average yield of any cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the skill of the cultivator, growing conditions, strain genetics, and size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. However, you can use general estimates as a guideline for potential yield per plant. 

For photoperiod plants, this is 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors. The potential yield per plant for autoflowering plants is 1.7-7 ounces (50-200g) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

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Guava Cake strain effects

The Guava Cake strain effects are just as potent as its aroma and even more satisfying. Be cautious, though, as it can be a creeper. You risk getting much more stoned than intended, so pace yourself.

The onset effects are a rush of cerebral euphoria, energy, and creativity. You might also feel increased arousal, sociability, and sensory perception.  An indica chill eventually overpowers the sativa-like effects, bringing on waves of calm and relaxation to wash away all tension and stress. 

The calm carries a real threat of couchlock and can become total sedation, especially if you smoke too much (or are lightweight). It can also cause tingling and other side effects like hunger, paranoia, dizziness, anxiety, and cottonmouth. However, these are minor drawbacks for a strain this skilled at relieving pain, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, and appetite loss.  

Guava Cake strain flavors & smell 

The Guava Cake strain terpenes are Carene, Caryophyllene, Valence, Phellandrene, and Ocimene, to name a few. With such diversity, it’s a trove of therapeutic benefits, delicious flavors, and mouth-watering scents. If you’re a fan of vaping, consider using a Guava Cake cart instead of traditional smoking

Guava Cake is all about those tropical vibes, with pungent herbal, earthy elements underlined by the soft sweet flavors of exotic fruit, berries, and citrus. It lingers on your senses to deliver an experience you won’t soon forget.

FAQs about Guava Cake strain

Is Guava Cake strain indica or sativa? 

Guava Cake is an indica dominant hybrid with 70% indica to 30% sativa. 

What is Guava Cake strain yield? 

It’s best to grow outdoors if you’re looking for those higher yields, but indoor yields (though smaller) are still worth the effort. After all, quality overrides quantity. 

How strong is Guava Cake strain? 

Guava Cake has a THC content of around 25%, with some claiming it can reach well over 30%. The THC content can differ between versions, so speak to your supplier before purchasing. Like THC content, the Guava Cake strain price varies depending on where you buy it and what you get (Guava Cake cart, pre-roll, or flower).

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