Missouri cannabis companies face product shortages, price hikes after adult-use launch

Canada’s Supreme Court on Friday upheld Quebec’s prohibition on homegrown cannabis, ruling that a provincial ban on possessing and cultivating marijuana plants for personal purposes is constitutional.

Quebec is one of the provinces that does not allow the home cultivation of cannabis.


Manitoba’s ban is also being challenged in court.

When Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, Quebec Cannabis Regulation Act prohibited the possession and cultivation of the plant for personal use.

In 2019, Janick Murray-Hall successfully challenged the ban before the province’s Superior Court.

Murray-Hall had argued that the Quebec government does not have the power to ban cannabis plants, saying only the federal government has that authority.

He also argued federal law should prevail over the provincial law.

After Murray-Hall’s argument was successful and Quebec’s ban was declared unconstitutional, the province’s attorney general appealed the decision.

The province won its appeal at the Quebec Court

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