Manitoba NDP want to stop expanded private liquor sales, review private cannabis

After a record-setting December, Canadian cannabis sales fell seven per cent in January to $395.5 million.

The sales represent a seven per cent decrease from December’s high of more than $425 million and mark a 14 per cent year over year increase.

Ontario was responsible for nearly $155M in sales in January, followed by Alberta ($69.5M) and B.C. ($60.6M), according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada. 

Nearly ever province saw a slight reduction sales except for Saskatchewan, which recorded $19.1M in sales, a 13 per cent month over month increase.

New Brunswick saw the most precipeorus drop in sales, recording a month over month decrease of nearly 15 per cent.

Canadians purchased more than $4.5 billion of recreational cannabis in 2022, nearly an 18 per cent year-over-year increase.

Earlier this year, the Ontario Cannabis Store, the provincial wholesaler, announced it would reduce its margins

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