Massachusetts cannabis cultivator, retailer Insa laying off workers

Peter McGrath

Many cannabis businesses might look at HVAC systems as simple heaters or air conditioners, but the reality is quite different.

HVAC is a highly complex system of interconnected equipment that must work in harmony to create the precise temperature, humidity and air-quality conditions that marijuana plants need to thrive.

A lack of comprehensive HVAC planning in both new and recommissioned facilities – as well as less-than-regular maintenance – can cause myriad problems within these complex systems.

Even minor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and air filtration can significantly impact the quality and consistency of products, leading to significant losses in time as well as decreased output and revenue.


In today’s competitive cannabis industry, businesses simply cannot afford to neglect regular preventive maintenance, given the substantial lost revenue at risk.

It is critical that marijuana business owners regard their HVAC systems as a key piece in

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