https://www.capsulesforyou.com The technology and equipment for production of soft round seamless agar capsules. All kinds of vegetable cannabis oils and many kinds of animal fat, can be placed inside a thin but strong gelatinous shell. Which reliably preserves the content for a long time. Our technology has no waste products and is the most efficient at cost of the finished products. You have CBD oil or animal fat, than getting our equipment and technology you can easily produce around shaped soft gel capsules with diameter of one to ten millimeters. You can also smoothly adjust the weight of the soft gel capsule to the required. Agar shell can be painted in any color. To start up a business you need to have the desire to produce capsules and small premises. The specialist of our company will give you a detailed description of our equipment features, make recommendations on preparation of your premises. Help with finding raw materials, adjust equipment and train you to work on it. We send the equipment and delegate our specialists to customers all over the world. Our company offers equipment and technology for the production of CBD oil soft seamless capsules. At present, we have two capsules shell technologies, this is a classic gelatin technology and a new innovative technology of capsule shells made of plant material. We use a plant material called Agar-Agar for our capsules. This is an alga-based material. The technology will be of interest in the production of capsules for the Eastern market, for the market of Arab countries, for Muslims, vegans and vegetarians, and wherever the use of animal gelatin is not required. We present this technology on the global market as we are the only company possessing such a technology. In addition to the technology, we have developed an automated encapsulation line that allows producing these products. We have developed our automated line, which is entirely made of stainless steel, ensuring compliance with the GMP standard requirements. You can easily certify and validate such equipment at your production facility, and use it to manufacture products of the same.
We make equipment of very compact and autonomous design in order to produce capsules with a diameter from 2 to 15 mm.
The buyer can always change the diameter of the capsule at will. Inside the capsule can be any vegetable oil or cannabis oil and CBD.
In the world there are other equipment for the production of capsules, but it costs a set of 250,000 USD and more.
Our equipment is 10 times cheaper. We designed it for small companies where 1 -2 worker can produce 4,000,000 capsules per 1 month.
There is a model that makes 22 million capsules per 1 month.
To accommodate the equipment and the entire production kit you need a room of 10-15 m2.

We have developed together with the equipment and a unique capsule shell. The standard shell material throughout the world is gelatin.
Our technology can use gelatin as well. But our invention is an agar capsule shell. No one else does this and does not use cannabis capsules and CBDs to produce them.
Agar is a plant material and good for vegetarians, Muslims, and other people for a healthy eating style.
Our philosophy is that the wonderful oil of plants is best combined with the shell of a capsule made of plants.
It is not the pain and suffering of an animal, but only pure joy.

We have a technologist and engineer as support for all our equipment buyers. We also teach technology for the production of capsules.
Since CBD and cannabis material is expensive – we provided a safe start for equipment with cheap oil, then getting the capsule you need, and switching to expensive CBD oil.
Our technology and equipment does not lose a single drop of CBD oil.

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