Colorado marijuana sales in February hit four-year low of $124.8 million

In a first since states began legalizing marijuana, cannabis industry employment declined in 2022, a report shows.

Total job numbers slid by 2% since the beginning of 2022, according to research by Denver-based industry recruitment platform Vangst.


The cannabis industry had 417,493 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs as of February 2023, Vangst’s “2023 Jobs Report” notes.

That’s down from 428,059 FTEs in 2022.

The report – created in conjunction with Bruce Barcott and economist Beau Whitney – attributes the declines to:

Inflation. High interest rates. Wholesale cannabis price compression. Declining demand for cannabis in some markets after the COVID-19 pandemic. Unenthusiastic investors.

“Go-go investment in business expansion, with a goal of capturing market share, has given way to a focus on bottom-line sustainability – and to bringing payroll costs in line with actual revenue,” the report authors wrote.

The report also highlights that:


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