CBD /Hemp Processing: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

This hot topic symposium focuses on the technical challenges and opportunities in processing CBD / Hemp.
Starting with a broad survey of the Hemp processing industry, the presentation will then cover the primary methodologies of extracting and purifying a complex mix of Cannabinoids and a multitude of other bio-active compounds from Hemp and discuss some of the inherent challenges associated with each process.
The presenters will then dive deeper into the challenges of Cannabinoid processing and the opportunity space in the emerging hemp derived ingredients market. Demand for CBD products is growing world wide by billions of dollars each year, yet rudimentary extraction, distillation, and crystallization processes predominate across this industry. Many state of the art techniques and technologies from food, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance industries have yet to be applied. The presentation will explore the general makeup of hemp extracts, the classes of common impurities, and common requests from hemp processing plant operators for process improvements that indicate as yet unaddressed opportunities for research organizations, process consultants, and equipment developers.

The presentation will be a live webinar and attendees will have an opportunity to post questions for the speakers to address during the talks. Our goal is to encourage AOCS members to connect with the speakers and explore possible collaborations in the future.

Rob Reintjes, Artisan Industries Inc.
Emmett McGregor, SciPhy Systems
John Herring, SciPhy Systems



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