America’s best weed strains of 420 ’23

Millions and millions of weed fans will take Thursday, April 20 off to celebrate 420—Leafly Nation’s own Independence Day. 

But you can’t 420 without some amazing ganja.

Same as last year, Leafly checked in with more than a dozen key culture-keepers like Wiz Khalifa’s team, the breeder Chemdog, Seed Junky Genetics, and Alien Labs. Our expert reviewers from Los Angeles to Bozeman, MT assembled an unmatched buyer’s guide covering 18 states.

Below, we celebrate a baker’s dozen of classic strains, best-sellers, and fresh cup-winners. We got a dank, strong mix of hybrids, sizzling sativas for the all-day seshing, and indicas that put you in da couch.

Don’t bring your baby lungs—here are America’s hottest strains of 4/20 2023.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Is it Runtz? Just Gelato? Fig Farms-grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. (David Downs)
Fig Farms-grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. Hybrid. (David Downs)

Big in 2022, surging in 2023, America will smoke a lot Lemon Cherry Gelato this 4/20. And why not? Gelato is the Barry Bonds of weed. Of course Lemon Cherry hits home runs. LCG has chill, indica hybrid effects and Gelato terps—there’s never a bad time for it. Try to get the top-shelf stuff like THC Design’s new Blue Cherry Gelato (Blue Nerdz x Lemon Cherry Gelato). On the east coast, Ayr Wellness took home a trophy for breeder Lit’s Lemon Cherry Gelato. —d2

Khalifa Kush

Pictures of tasty green nugs. Live young, wild, and free in 2022 with the Khalifa Kush fresh drop. (David Downs/Leafly)
Live young, wild, and free in ’23 with the Khalifa Kush fresh drop. (David Downs/Leafly)

Bump the Wiz Khalifa while smoking on his namesake OG Kush hybrid, Khalifa Kush. It’s gassy, lemony, and strong, with a heavy hybrid effect that’ll get you flowing. Khalifa Kush sells in eight states for 4/20 this year (CA, OR, NV, AZ, MI, FL, PA, and MD). That KK is an easy song to sing along to on the big day. —d2


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Pineapple Fruz

Seed Junky Pineapple Fruz (David Downs/Leafly)
Seed Junky Pineapple Fruz. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

The makers of US No. 1 seller Wedding Cake—Seed Junky Genetics—wants you to smoke their Pineapple Fruz in not only California, but also in Michigan and New Mexico this 4/20. Seed Junky dominates the seed and clone game, but now they also grow and sell crazy-good flower. Fresh off a Weedcon Cup-win in February, Pineapple Fruz gives thick, syrupy pineapple sativa terps and effects for charging on 4/20. Seed Junky also has released new strains Malibu, and Gello Shotz. 

Hash Burger

Hashburger. From the GMO family. Indica hybrid. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)
Hashburger. From the GMO family. Indica hybrid. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)

“… the profile leans GMO and reeks up the place anytime we crack the jar.”

The medical grower Brave Hearts didn’t disappear when Oregon made it more difficult for medical producers to sell to dispensaries. He’s been plotting and plugging away at his new buildout with the first well-cured batch now hitting shelves. The opening lineup is no slouch, leading with the fully-stacked Hash Burger. (Han Solo Hashplant x Double Burger, woof). Bred by Skunk House Genetics, this funk-forward cross ticks all of the connoisseur boxes. Lucky for us, Brave Hearts has coaxed out those characteristics in full force. The flower not only impresses with incredible bag appeal, the profile leans GMO and reeks up the place anytime we crack the jar.


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Boysenberry Truffles

Boysenberry Truffles. Indica hybrid. (Will Hyde for Leafly)
Boysenberry Truffles. Indica hybrid. (Will Hyde for Leafly)

Boysenberry Truffles from Lifted Cannabis Co. of Washington sweetens you up with the fresh berry terps of Boysenberry Creme Brulee and then smacks you with the gas of White Truffle. The frosty flower from Lifted’s Luxury Line has swollen lime green calyxes tipped with a deep purple hue and a heavy dusting of milk resin heads. Its aroma hits fresh and floral notes with a sharp citrus flare, like lemon cleaner, and finishes with sweet blackberries and a touch of gas. The smooth piney flavors of Boysenberry Truffles hit your taste buds first, with an exhale that mirrors the sweet berry gas the nose already enjoyed. Boysenberry Truffles has a potent but functional high with clear-headed bliss. At 21.24% THC and 3.10% total terpenes it balances potency, flavor, and function well.—Will Hyde

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Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit. Hybrid sativa. (Courtesy THC Design)
Dragon Fruit. Hybrid sativa. (Courtesy THC Design)

That Dragon Fruit from THC Design in California is a smooth daytime smoke for consumers of all levels. The strain was bred by Exotic Genetix (shout out Mike), and is a cross of Tropic Truffle and Grease Monkey. The result produces a flower that smells floral like lavender and tastes sweet like candy, with lingering citrus and pine notes. You can expect the Dragon Fruit to feel euphoric, aroused, and energetic, making it a great strain for a night out on the town or a night in with a significant other (wink wink). You can smoke it throughout the day to get things done, without the existential dread of a modern-day creative. Grab some and celebrate your 4/20 accordingly. 


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Yuzu is a cross of Skywalker OG and Zkittlez that is bred and grown by La FAV Farms in California. It has been rocking since early 2020 in LA. It has a musky and citrus smell with a rich citrus and sweet Kush taste. The effects are relaxing and heavy in the body. Yuzu is great for kicking back and feeling focused, perfect for diving into creative endeavors. When I first smoked Yuzu, I’d use it in the morning to settle down from the coffee rush of energy (and anxiety). Pricewise, it’s very much an “if you know, you know” type of find. If you’re in LA, find it, and enjoy some Yuzu from La Fav Farms. Also enjoy some Suki from them while you’re at it.

Mom Grass

Mom Grass won't cause euphoria, but it may manage nerves. (Courtesy Dad Grass)
Mom Grass won’t cause euphoria, but it may manage nerves. (Courtesy Dad Grass)

Salute to the Leafly readers who love to celebrate 4/20 but might not actually enjoy consuming cannabis in public themselves. We see you. For anyone who’s looking to hang on Hippie Hill or boogie at a block party without hopping in the blunt rotation this 4/20, we recommend grabbing some CBG +CBD 1:1 Mom Grass pre-rolls from the Los Angeles-based company Dad Grass—they’ll give you something tasty to puff on and feel part of the crowd without getting totally p-noid. The Mom Grass joints boast a powerfully sweet aroma, and smoke impressively smoothly. Unlike the company’s original CBD pre-rolls, Mom Grass’ CBG-heavy hemp instills a particular clear-headed tranquility and eased a good deal of tension in my knees and shoulders. Since all Dad Grass products less than 0.3% THC, you can buy them online, straight from the manufacturer. A pack of five joints—each at 0.75 grams—costs $35. As a bonus, Dad Grass offers free shipping on orders over $100. —Max Savage Levenson

L’Orange Queen Cola

Queen Cola is a special, limited edition 14-gram weed branch for sale in Illinois. (Courtesy Rythm)
Queen Cola is a special, limited edition 14-gram weed branch for sale in Illinois. (Courtesy Rythm)

Illinois likes big nugs and it cannot lie. Award-winning cannabis brand Rythm can’t deny. So they’ve fattened up some “Queen Cola” 14-gram branches of weed for sale for 4/20. With big round buds in our face, we’re sprung. L’Orange represents the best of the zest for citrusy sativa lovers—Oregon Lemon x Orange Crush. But they also have Tyde Podz (The Soap x Cherry Cheesecake) Queen Colas, and Sunset Sherbet Queen Colas. “Cola,” by the way, is slang for the big top bud on the plant. Some like big buds, some like ‘em small; we don’t hate. -d2

Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze. Sativa. (Courtesy Nature’s Chemistry)

It’s 4/20, might as well crank it all the way up to 11. Nevada’s indoor-grown Ghost Train Haze by Nature’s Chemistry offers a powerful sativa for adults seeking a stimulating, uplifting and euphoric high. Indeed, experts consider Rare Dankness’ Neville’s Wreck x Ghost OG one of the strongest strains of all time. This classic strain has a potent profile of fruity, spicy and earthy aroma to help users improve focus and promote creativity. GTH can help jumpstart the day, but is equally clutch kicking off those hot Vegas nights. THC count is usually around 19-22% but high myrcene and caryophyllene levels give it an extra kick through the entourage effect. Users suffering from anxiety should exercise caution—too much GTH can result in the opposite of its intended effects. Nature’s Chemistry grower Jason Yazdanpanah has harvested GTH since his Las Vegas-based farm opened in 2017. Over half the state’s dispensaries since adult-use sales started in 2017 have carried the sativa, and today it sells in over 45 stores. —Chris Kudialis

Tropical Runtz

Spring often arrives late in Montana, and even April can bring serious snowfall. As such, Leafly recommends ringing in this grand—and potentially chilly—holiday with Big Sky Buds’ vibrant and flavorful Tropical Runtz to help transport you to warmer climes. True to its name, Tropical Runtz (Runtz x Tropic Truffle) boasts powerful notes of both citrus and candy that explode right out of the bag. Its dominant terpenes include linalool, limonene, b-caryophyllene and the lesser-known trans-nerolidol. Co-owner Alec Johnson reports that these terps test out between 2-2.5% concentration. BSB’s Tropical Runtz blessedly tastes just as good as it smells, and the shop consistently turns out dense, smooth-smoking nugs. The strain produces an even-keeled buzzy high, and packs between 24-28% THC. -MSL

Chem 91

Down Om Farms outdoor Chemdawg via Farm Cut. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Down Om Farms outdoor Chemdawg via Farm Cut. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Straight from the source is always best. This 4/20, buy authentic Chem 91 from the breeder Chemdog, via his Smash Hits brand at CannaProvisions in Massachusetts. Biting, potent, and oddly energizing. See also: Smash Hits’s Zkittlez cross Chem’s Fruit Stand (2.3% terps); their award-winning California Raisins; and their Lemon OG Haze. -d2

Triangle Kush

Origins TK Select brings Triangle Kush to Florida for 4/20. (Courtest Fluent)
Origins TK Select brings Triangle Kush to Florida for 4/20. (Courtest Fluent)

Florida medical marijuana blooms this year amid a robust, decriminalized scene. This 4/20, Floridians get to enjoy some authentic Triangle Kush from the strains founder, Origins TK Selects. Their founder Marty Calabrese teamed up with Fluent to bring the real thing to 29 stores. That’s wild! Triangle Kush is the fore-runner to OG Kush—with all that gassy, citrus, pine, and relaxing yet muscular effects. Keep 4/20 classic with Triangle Kush, wherever you can find it. -d2

Jungle Sunset

Jungle Sunset in Massachusetts. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy 4Front Ventures)
Jungle Sunset in Massachusetts. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy 4Front Ventures)

Sherbert and Cake together won’t miss on 4/20. 4Front Ventures in Massachusetts grows and sells LA leaders Jungle Boys’ strain Jungle Sunset (Sunset Sherbert x Jungle Cake). It’s got a classic dessert nose with a sugared berry terp profile. Leans heavily indica for nighttime seshes, munchies, and rest. -d2

See also

Alien Labs' new Gemini. Two Face OG x Area 41. High-THC indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Alien Labs’ new Gemini. Two Face OG x Area 41. High-THC indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Gemini—Alien Labs’ 2Face OG x Area 41 just debuted in Arizona. Wonderfully complex and earthy, with an aggressive OG funk.

Point Break—Surfr Seeds’s Trop Cookies x Trophy Wife is shredding. The cookie-cakey-orangey (ok, yum) hybrid indica placed third at a Maine NECANN Cup ’22.

Bear Dance — From local Illinois craft grower/pheno hunter Revolution Cannabis and their “Tales & Travels” value line. It’s a burly cross of Pure Kush x Uzbekistan Hashplant x Snowcap. Terpinolene-forward and piney-floral-citrusy, but finishes savory. Sticky, hairy, dense, and not over-trimmed buds. A creative, and social, dinner-party high.

Cookie Dos grown by Revolution. Sweet, buttery, and a smidge lemony—with strong relaxed body effects. Cookies and Cream x DoSiDo F2 #15. Sugared with resin. Hand-trimmed and premium.

Franken Cakes—GMO x Lava Cake, bred by Phinest, grown by Stoner and Co, up in the secret pot powerhouse state of Maine. 

And that’s it for America’s hottest weed strains of 420 ’23. Never miss the latest heat—download the Leafly App (Android, iOS) and turn on notifications to scoop those flavors first.

Freelancers Dante Jordan, Ryan Herron, Will Hyde, Chris Kudialis, and Max Savage Levenson contributed to this story.

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