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As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA explores its little-known risks and benefits.

NOVA investigates the story of cannabis from the criminalization that has disproportionately harmed communities of color to the latest medical understanding of the plant. What risks does cannabis pose to the developing brain? How much do we know about its potential medical benefits? As cannabis becomes socially accepted, scientists are exploring its long-term health consequences.

00:00 Introduction
03:40 How Cannabis Affects the Brain
10:26 Epilepsy Case Study: Medical Uses of Cannabis and CBD
20:37 Autism Case Study: Medical Uses of Cannabis and CBD
26:18 How Age Affects the Impact of Cannabis
34:10 The Criminalization of Cannabis
41:03 Using Cannabis to Treat Chronic Pain
43:13 Risks of Using Cannabis Daily
47:54 What Does the Future Hold for Cannabis?

(Premieres Wednesday, September 29 at 9PM ET on PBS.)

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