Marijuana industry jobs dipped by 2% in 2022, report shows

Connecticut recreational and medical marijuana retailers generated $22.1 million in sales in March, up nearly 20% from February.

Adult-use sales, which launched Jan. 10, accounted for about 43% of the total, according to new state data.


In February, recreational sales accounted for about 38% of the $18,466,141 in total marijuana transactions in the state.

Connecticut is an outlier in this regard as recreational sales typically outpace MMJ sales immediately after state markets expand into adult use.

But the state has only five dispensaries transitioning to recreational sales.

The number of MMJ patients in Connecticut has decreased by roughly 2,300 since January to about 47,000, according to state data, which could shorten the sales gap between those two distinct markets in the coming months.


Meanwhile, the price of adult-use cannabis products through March has decreased about 8% from January to $40.65,

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