Matt Greene – Wellacy – The Hemp & CBD Expo

Matt Greene from Wellacy talking on stage at The Hemp and CBD Expo.
About Matt Greene
With 35 years operational and entrepreneurial experience, Matt has been at the forefront of technological innovation in the cannabis & CBD space and has spoken at several major US Cannabis Conferences.

As co-founder of Wellacy™ Limited, soon to be the EU’s largest producer/manufacturer of a broad array of Branded CBD-infused consumer products. Wellacy also develops and manufactures bespoke products for large retailers.

Matt’s other company, Edible Sciences, is the world’s only 3-D Printing platform which ‘prints’ precision-dosed cannabis and CBD edibles – solving the #1 issue of Mis-Dosing affecting the edibles category. The platform also allows for
on-demand dosage customization based on user, or caregiver needs or prefernces.

Prior to joining the CBD and Cannabis industry, he helped create one of the first interactive advertising agencies in 1998 before founding his own agency in 2002 called Blue Ribbon Digital, which launched and sustained the online ecommerce and branding campaigns for SONY, Citibank, The Estee Lauder Companies, Discount Tire Company and Smashbox Cosmetics.
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