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Hemp Bombs CBD | Then, Now and Coming Soon | Hemp Bombs®

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Then // Now // Coming Soon #MORECBD

With every new product, revamp and update, we just keep getting better. We bring you more with our CBD products so that you can use them how you please; alone, with a friend or with a group, there’s plenty to go around.

Starting with our CBD Pain Freeze, which now contains DOUBLE the CBD, a new 1000mg high potency option and a mess-free 200mg roll-on applicator, we fully improved this customer favorite to bring you more CBD and more value. Find comfort and pain relief after intense workouts, summer days of gardening or just for general aches and discomforts.

Then, we delivered a trifecta of more CBD, more flavors and more value when updating our CBD Oils with a fresh new flavor, Chocolate Mint, as well as a wider range of concentrations all the way up to 5000mg. Feel the freedom to re-create your favorite food, drink or self-care recipes with an extra wellness boost.

And coming soon, our best CBD Gummies yet… They’re sure to give you MORE in more ways than one.

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