Why Hemp Taffy is better than CBD Gummies!


CBD Essence manufactures oils, tinctures, and edibles of all kinds. Their newest and most innovative product is their proprietary Hemp Taffy. CBD infused gummy products are widely popular as an easy way to take a daily regimen. However, they contain much-maligned ingredients like animal-sourced gelatin and artificial flavors and colors – making them hardly a health product. CBD Essence’s CBD Oil Edible Hemp Taffy product is as easy to take as gummy products but without the harmful ingredients.

Here are five reasons why hemp taffy is better for your health than gummy products.

1) Gummy products are chewed and swallowed very quickly and as a result, your absorption rate drops to very low doses, which reduces effectiveness. Hemp taffy takes time to chew resulting in better absorption and effectiveness.

2) Gummy products contain animal-sourced gelatin, artificial colors and flavors, which do not make it health food or for sick people.

3) Gummy products usually only have one CBD isolate in them, as a result, you do not get the benefits of a full-spectrum extract product

4) Gummy products have their surface coated with CBD oil making them sticky and often still bitter, whereas hemp taffy is infused with the extract during the production process making a better end product for users.

5) No gummy product can ever be all-natural, hemp taffy is an all-natural health food product, made from all-natural ingredients and flavors


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