The Flavor Chase | 07 | Gorilla CBD by Five Leaf Wellness | Hemp Flower Review | Top Shelf Type II – Loner MOB Merch!!!
00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Theme Song
01:05 – Episode Screen
01:13 – Welcome to The Flavor Chase
02:28 – Introduction to Five Leaf Wellness & Gorilla CBD
04:54 – Checking the nose and flower appearance
08:10 – High resolution photos
08:48 – Sponsor: Doobie Ninja Rolling Papers
09:24 – Dry hit, Smoke session and Thoughts
16:59 – Final Thoughts and Shelf Placement
20:38 – Outro
Welcome to The Flavor Chase, a show centered around the search for top shelf cannabis flower and products in the Type 1 – 4 world. For anyone unfamiliar…

Type I = THC dominant cannabis
Type II = THC:CBD:CBG:CBDV:THCV:CBC mixed ratio cannabis
Type III = CBD dominant cannabis
Type IV = CBG or CBDV dominant cannabis

Who’s got the best flower? Concentrates? Edibles? Let’s find out together. Check out as more content will be added in the near future.
Thank you to Five Leaf Wellness for sending me a sample of their latest strain for an honest assessment. Five Leaf’s cultivation team has been hard at work producing top quality genetics. This latest strain, Gorilla CBD is said to be a potent Type II flower with balanced cannabinoid and terpene content. What shelf will these buds end up on? Tune in to find out!
OM System OM-1
M.Zuiko 17mm f1.2 Pro
Godox sl300ii
Glow EZ Lock 60” octa softbox


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