15 Innovative Canna-Products to Elevate Your Consumption Game

Concentrates and extracts are driving innovation in cannabis. In this special product spotlight, we’re highlighting some of the brands and products changing the way people consume cannabis. Which is your favorite?

Puffco Proxy — The innovators at Puffco are elevating the concentrates experience yet again. Proxy, a portable, modular vaporizer, offers a push-button interface with four programmed heat settings. The smoking chamber heats material from every side while the Oculus carb cap maximizes vapor production. The pipe-like design harkens to the rich legacy of cannabis consumption while offering a discreet consumption experience. Add it to your dabbing arsenal for $300.

Mamba V2 Electric Portable Herb Grinder — Traditional grinders require grip strength and agile wrists. For medical patients or cannabis enthusiasts in a rush, the Mamba Grinder takes the “daily grind” out of herb preparation. One-handed operation allows for 15x faster results than a manual grinder. Its unique dispensing cone targets flower directly into your pipe, rolling paper, or vape while keeping your fingers free from sticky residue. $37

HVAC Systems for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Surna’s understanding of every aspect of cultivation facility design, not just the HVACD and systems in which it specializes, allows it to lend support from pre-design budgeting through facility commissioning, and every stop in between. Lean on Surna’s team of experienced engineers to compare and contrast solutions, and budgets, to help you make the perfect choice for your facility. Visit www.surna.com to review your options.

Karma CBD Water — Temperature fluctuations and the passage of time can cause cannabinoids to leach out of products and lose their effectiveness. Karma CBD Water created an innovative solution to this industry-wide problem. Its patented Push Cap infuses active ingredients into the water just seconds before you drink it.

Vitamins, nutrients, and CBD are blasted into your water at the time of consumption, so you know every bottle is activated with 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD delivered at peak potency. Now available nationwide in five flavors. $5/bottle.

Moose Labs Compostable Corn Husk Filters — Sharing smoking devices during a pandemic is a social faux pas. Thanks to the Moose Labs MouthPeace, you can share without a care. A silicone mouthpiece attaches to any bong for a germ-free smoke, and the MouthPeace Mini slips neatly onto a joint. Moose Labs is now offering filtration, too! Corn-fiber filters are a sustainable way to remove tar and contaminants from each puff. They utilize otherwise wasted material and are quick to decompose. The MouthPeace Corn Fiber Filter Roll includes 10 filters for $9.

Limited-Edition Pax Era Life Malibu — California has a vibe all its own. Summer sunsets on the beach inspired the laid-back gradient shades in this limited-edition vaporizer. The Era Life offers an instant draw so you’re not fumbling with buttons and its rechargeable battery means less waste than a disposable pen. It pairs well with Pax Live Rosin pods. Pop in a pod and go, the ocean is calling. $35

Crativ Select and VaultThe Crativ Select and Crativ Vault are elevating standards for sustainable packaging. These made-in-America packaging solutions use earth-friendly materials, including USDA-certified plant-based materials. A proprietary accelerated-degradation formula ensures discarded containers aren’t lining landfills for future generations. An airtight seal paired with a single-layer of packaging is engineered for optimization, offering an efficient solution for any production line that easily adapts to full-scale automation. Visit crativ.com for pricing. 

Ispire Exclusive Northern Lights daab — Inspired by the stunning colors of the Northern Lights, this rig is discreet, portable, and stunning to behold. An all-glass airflow pathway maintains the integrity of your herb’s flavor profile while its induction heating process promises a clean, even heat for each hit. Customize your temperature from 250-800 degrees. Add some color to your concentrate experience for $300.

Botani Gummed Wrappers — Customers will pay more for eco-friendly products. If you care about the Earth as much as your clients, Botani’s gummed wrappers are tailor-made for manufacturing your blunts. These natural hemp wrappers are moisture optimized to burn slowly and evenly while offering an extended shelf life. There are no single-use foil packages here. Proprietary tech creates a cost-effective and sustainable smoking experience that’s easy to scale with your brand. Ask about pricing at botani.com.

Dabtech DuvoPortable and customizable, the Duvo offers three atomizers to create massive clouds while offering maximum temperature control. The Duvo uses AI to turn itself off if you’re about to burn your dab, saving your lungs from harsh hits. An aluminum alloy body offers strength and durability, while a 3,000 mAh battery life keeps you smoking until your sesh is done. This investment comes with a one-year warranty, so you can consume with confidence and peace of mind. $200

Rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages — Refresh your palate with broad-spectrum hemp extract grown in the U.S.A. Rhythm partnered with infusion-technology firm Vertosa to create consistent emulsions with 100% natural fruit, vegetable, and root extracts. The resulting four flavors are bold, bright, and formulated to facilitate energy, hydration, recovery, or sleep. Try the variety pack for $60.

Dogwalkers “Play” Mini-Dogs — Each mini-dog contains just enough smoke to keep you company on your next walk with Fido. A recyclable tin keeps all your bite-sized pre-rolls neatly packaged and protected until your next adventure. Each pre-roll is packed with premium flower and zero shake. Find yours in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Nevada for $30.

HighOnLove Sensual CBD Bath Oil — Invigorate your senses and turn your daily routine into a spa-like experience. With 300 mg of CBD, this luxurious oil is perfect for elevating a shower and even better for creating bathtub bliss.

Patchouli, Geranium, and Ylang Ylang essential oils will titillate your nose while the CBD eases aches and pains. Tell your lover it’s available nationwide for $48. 

Trulieve Muse Concentrate — Crafted with freshly-harvested flower frozen at the peak of potency, the Muse line of full-spectrum concentrates could easily overload your senses with flavor. Jammed with higher-than-average terpene levels, these concentrates will inspire as they elevate. With availability in eight states, Trulieve is inspiring connoisseurs across the country. $40-70

Arbor Slim and Sleep Hemp Extract — The visionaries at the non-profit Realm of Caring crafted these hemp extracts from rigorous clinical research. Arbor Slim is a weight loss aid that naturally reduces cravings for sugary foods. Arbor Sleep reduces the time spent waiting to fall asleep and increases the duration and quality of rest. Both products are available as a tincture or soft gel for $80.

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