New Study Says Evidence Lacking in Cannabis ‘Hangover’ Claims

When cannabis opponents speak out against cannabis they incorporate a variety of talking points, with some more ridiculous than others, such as the “cannabis hangover” claim.

It seems some opponents will do or say just about anything to portray cannabis negatively.

In an example of the hypocrisy that often accompanies anti-cannabis propaganda, very rarely do those same cannabis opponents call for an end to alcohol sales due to hangovers.

While there is ample evidence alcohol use can result in hangovers, researchers in Australia have found that the same is not true for cannabis (despite what cannabis opponents may claim.)

Below is more information about it via a news release from NORML:

New South Wales, Australia: The majority of available data fails to support claims that cannabis may potentially impact either cognitive function or subjects’ performance of safety sensitive tasks 24 hours after consumption, according to a review of the scientific literature published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

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