Missy Bradley Shares How to Make Everything an Edible

We took that and we did a much larger-scale study with Colorado State University.

We have now done three studies with Colorado State University — peer-reviewed, published research, where we have measured the absorption rate of our products into the bloodstream.

C&T Today: Tell me about some of the different blends that Ripple offers.

Missy Bradley: We have a variety of dose options in the original dissolvable powder. We have a Relief option, which is a 40-to-1 CBD. Balanced, which is a one-to-one CBD THC. And a Pure, which is just a full dose of THC.

This past winter we launched our Sleep dissolvable, which is CBN and THC, with no added melatonin or other sleep agents. We’ve heard from people that they’re concerned about ingesting THC with potential other compounds meant for sleep. So those are the quick-dissolve lines. 

Then from years of consumer research, we found that a good portion of our Ripple dissolvables consumers were pouring the unflavored powder directly on their tongue or putting it in a shot glass of water. 

So from that, we developed our line of Quick Sticks, which are essentially like a pixie stick. It’s a flavored, dissolvable powder meant to be poured directly on your tongue.

So it’s in its own little sanitary wrapper. You can take it with you wherever you want. It is portable. It is discreet. And it is meant to be just quick, use it whenever you need it. 

We also have put Ripple into a line of gummies, because gummies are the largest portion of the edible market.

It’s what a lot of people are looking for. We had this consistent, fast-acting powder, and we could make a gummy with it. So we have gummies that are now made with Ripple.

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