CBD Formulation | Formulation of CBD Oil | Hemp Bombs®

CBD Formulation | Formulation of CBD Oil | Hemp Bombs®

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Before our CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, CBD Capsules, CBD Topicals or any other Hemp Bombs product reaches our customer, it starts with formulation.

Our state-of-the-art, in-house formulation lab ensures all our premium CBD products are of the highest quality, consistently effective and taste great.

The 400 square-foot formulation lab enables us to produce new products with improved formulations faster without sacrificing quality.

Our ever-growing team of formulation experts, composed of some of the brightest chemists and biotechnologists in the industry, is constantly working to enhance all our CBD products.

Lab-tested formulation is just another away Hemp Bombs does more to deliver for our customers.

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We’ve developed one-of-a-kind cbd formulations that stay true to the plant and never use cheap isolates
– one-of-a-kind cbd formulations that work
How can I optimise my cbd formulations?
An introduction to formulating with cbd will present the basics of what is being done with cbd currently in the marketplace
#5 an introduction to formulating with cbd by: Hempbombs
Part 1 the formulation of cbd and other botanical products using ultrasound
Transitioning to hemp product formulation from cannabis cultivation
Commercial-scale production of translucent cannabinoid nanoemulsions (“water-soluble” cbd and thc) requires the use of an optimized formulation and a high-intensity ultrasonic processor resulting in stable concentrates that are readily infused into and administered as beverages without compromising their appearance

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