Guinea seizes 1.5 tonnes of cocaine from ship

Is there anywhere that cocaine doesn’t reach these days?

Traces of cocaine have allegedly been detected in the blood sample of the pilot who was flying the helicopter that crashed and killed an Outback Wrangler cast member.

A toxicology report for the pilot taken after the crash contained trace elements of “cocaine derivatives,” a letter tendered as evidence in Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright’s court case has revealed.

Lawyers for the TV series star submitted the letter outlining the brief of evidence against him in Darwin Local Court on Wednesday.

The letter revealed that the brief against Wright included “a toxicology report of the pilot’s blood sample taken after the crash which records the detection of cocaine derivatives”.

“While not commenting on processes currently before the courts, this does also raise serious questions as to why I have been the main target of investigations, instead of the cause of the crash,” Wright said in a statement released afterwards.

“Nothing will bring Willow (Chris Wilson) back, which will always be the worst part of this. But trying to lay blame on me is not fair or accurate.”

Wright and two other men are facing criminal charges following the crash that killed Mr Wilson in West Arnhem Land on February 28, 2022.

Wright, 43, is accused of perverting the course of justice and destruction of evidence.

He is also charged with fabricating evidence, interfering with witnesses, making a false declaration and two counts of unlawful entry after the helicopter crashed into trees and the ground in a remote area.

The letter tendered by Wright’s lawyers showed that the brief included evidence into the cause of the crash and included refuelling reports and log book records.

Wright’s lawyers have questioned why the cause of the crash was relevant to the case.

Mr Wilson, 34, died when the Robinson R44 helicopter he was attached to by a 30-metre line using a harness crashed.

His body was found 40 metres from the main wreckage at the King River crash site, according to a preliminary Air Transport Safety Bureau report conducted last year.

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