A Connoisseur’s Guide to Finding Perfect Pre-Roll Papers

The rise of cannabis capitalism has resulted in one-million-and-one innovative ways to consume the plant: chillums, bongs (with and without percolators), bubblers, vapes for flower and oils, concentrate rigs, edibles, beverages, gravity bongs, and of course, the trusty apple or Coke can that Gen Xers and early millennials remember with more than a hint of nostalgia. 

Through all the iterations and innovations, joints have kept a prestigious position among cannabis aficionados. Joint rolling is an art.

The tulip, cross joint, and cone are examples of cannabis origami, a skill passed down from generation to generation.  

Now, just as there are a variety of smoking methods, a wide selection of rolling paper media and sizes are available on the market. Finding the right-sized rolling paper for you is the first step in your journey to becoming a rolling connoisseur. 

Single-wide papers are the most narrow of the standard paper sizes. At 70mm long and 38mm wide, these papers are not a beginner’s go-to.

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